Monthly Challenges:

March Challenge:

Well since were already a bit into march, I guess it’s better late than never to have a goal right? So here it is Monthly Goal for March:

Maintain my weight (current 160)

To drink 2 to 3L of water a day.

Do 30 Day Shred (started on the 8th, every day until the 31st.)

Sort out my Finances and get a part time job….

 Verdict for the month:




February Challenge:

Quote: I didn’t start this thinking it was going to be easy, and I’m sure as hell not going to quit because it get’s hard. Finishing this is just another thing to prove to myself I’m strong and I can do it! – Me

Goal:  Start weight: 159 – Goal weight:  155

No fast food restaurants (ex: MacDonald’s)

Drink 2 to 3 1L water’s a day

No weighing in for the month!

Get a good 3 to 5 workout’s in a week.

To be able to do 15 pushup planks x 3 by the end of Feb.



Verdict for the monthly Challenge: 157.5

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