Yes that is what the scale said to me today! I’m happy two pounds down from last week. Once April hits I’ll start working out again since I’ve hardly done it at all this month, but that hasn’t had me go up in weight only down so far. I’m now closer to the last 10 pounds then I was last week!

I’m down to 155! This was my goal weight for the end of feb and never made it to that. But here I am now as I stepped on the scale this morning I was excited and happy. I haven’t even really worked out this month. Maybe like 4 times! I’m down to my final 15 pounds to lose! The pounds are getting closer. Lets hope I can get to 150 by the end of April!

I’m down to 156 yep! I haven’t worked out all month but I’ve been watching what I eat. I don’t count calories because it puts too much effort into caring too much and when I do I never drop weight so I’m back to the carefree me.  Where I eat healthy and the odd time pick a day to eat unhealthy and healthy at the same time. I eat smaller portions and probably not as often as I should be eating but still. I think starting April 1st I’m going to get back into the gym sometime we just need a break. I know I do!

So my ex emailed me last Friday it was kind of humorous apparently he’s living a hotel because he needs to be alone…haha so I wrote back saying okay what I don’t get the point of that but whatever. And of course he wrote back saying oh the old you sounds like she’s back.  (You know the angry one from when he emails me setting me off and I rip him a new assholes haha) I just wrote back lol seriously it was funny. He’s so retarded and trying to get me to completely blow up on him like I used to so he can think he still has power over me. I don’t know why I just don’t delete the email I think I enjoy the drama or the fact that he STILL emails me as if I’m suppose to care what goes on in his daily life and the fact that he’s not over me makes me happy. He wrote back saying lol I’m mean and I just sent a smile face to him and that was the end of it. This isn’t because I want to get back together with him or ever be with him It’s more along the fact because I WAS the best thing that has happened to him and he had the best days of his life when he was with me. Hey it’s not my fault he can’t let go of his past, I’ve been doing pretty damn good I think!

I applied at a pet store last night and I really hope they call me in for an interview since I’m open for all afternoon shifts and weekend ones. If they don’t call me by tomorrow evening I’m going to call them Friday and find out what’s going on. I really want it. I want a second part time job but I want to do like 30 hours a week on top of my 40 hours I already put in. If I do I can have majority of my debt paid off by Aug and the rest I can get a consumer proposal because I won’t have any more co-signed stuff.  Yes I know that’s a lot of hours to work but in reality people do it all the time! I’m actually a very lazy person so I figure this will help me become motivated, and I can probably meet more people around my age instead of having to go on a dumb dating site. Besides I don’t want to deal with this unnecessary debt just because I was dumb in my last relationship and did this to myself doesn’t mean I have to go into a new relationship and have them deal with my irresponsible money mess.


Down .5

So I haven’t written in a while and my weight is down .5 so now I’m at 156.5 but this is after stepping on the scale at night which we all know were all usually heavier at that time with all the food in our system. I feel like though so I think I’ll probably be the same weight in the morning as I am at night so I just don’t care to step on the scale in the morning. I’m not even really sad that my weight progress is going slowly because I honestly think I look good. Sure it’s not me looking amazing but I will eventually get there I’m really not stressing as long as I stay the hell out of the 160’s which I’ve been doing lovely for this month!

Last week: I got a UTI which sucked and hurt a lot. I came to work on Thursday and went to see the doctor I was so uncomfortable and in pain that my boss told me to take the Friday off which was good. I relaxed and pretty much slept from Thursday night and all day Friday except for the time I was up making the amazing chili. I have to say for a first time making it, it was so good! I was pretty impressed with myself.

The boy and I are doing good, we were pretty much together all weekend and he was over yesterday which I think was the night we were pushing each other’s buttons for the hell of it which came into play fighting. He thought I was being weird yesterday because I was asking questions which I apparently don’t normally do but I find I’m becoming more comfortable so my odd personality is coming out more but its weirding him out! So I was like frig it, I’ll just go back into my other personality of being quiet and closed off, so while he played his little game on the couch I continued to clean up the kitchen and do my laundry once I was done I grabbed my phone and sat down on my bed and turned on the TV and watched it giving the two of us space which I think we kind of needed.

I had a bunch more stuff I had wrote, but I think I just needed to vent by writing it and not sharing. Happy Tuesday People.  


157 solid!

So I was finally able to move my ticker! (and for some reason I can’t get it to show up on here haha so whatever) I figured since I’ve been pretty much at 157 for the last week and a half I’m safe!

I’ve been at a nice solid 157 this week and all last week which I’m happy about, of course my goal is 140 but it seems to be taking a little longer then I wanted for me to get to there. I’ve been avoiding the gym due to lack of payment which I was finally able to pay today. Now I’m freaking out because I hardly have any money left over and normally I wouldn’t care if I wasn’t dating someone…I’m definitely trying to hid my financial situation from him…But think things are going well, he and I hung out Sunday night, he brought over a tooth brush and left it at my house (that’s a good sign right?) also he brought up the fact that I liked him a lot but I wouldn’t tell him why and when I left the room and came back he was taking off the half naked pictures of girls wall paper on his i-phone and changing it to other random scenic pictures and of his cat. (Good sign number 2?) Of course he wouldn’t explain why he was doing it he just said why not? Which is fine simply because I couldn’t explain to him why I liked him so much but the next day he got text messages sort of explaining it, and last night he was telling me how he missed me…(good sign number 3?) I don’t want to get hurt…(Bad sign for me…because it makes me want to run. But obviously there are clear signs for me not to run right? He doesn’t have any red flags on him, he has his head on his shoulders and is over all a pain in the ass but a good guy.)

One of the girls off of 3FC are getting together to do workout video’s a few times a week since I clearly have no motivation to do them on my own and to finish through with them so I’m hoping this will help me continue on with my journey.

The most annoying thing is I know it! Wtf! This morning I ate a yummy chocolate chip muffin….lets times that by 2 and as I’m eating the second one I’m like what are you doing? It’s bad enough this week you’re stuck eating processed crap, but now you’re eating muffin number 2 this morning is ridiculous! But I didn’t stop myself, I continued to finish off that tasty damn muffin!  While I told myself you are sabotaging yourself! You know what I didn’t even care I continued to ate it…no friggen wonder why I can’t get down in the 150’s and stay there…Maybe I’m bored and sad today that’s my problem. I don’t even know why and TOM is definitely coming. I guess I can’t dwell on it right now…what do I always say you want to make a change do it this second! So as I have my ice cold bottle of water I can drink that and eat my lunch at noon. Go home fit a workout in and then head over to boy’s house unless he’s coming over to mine I fell asleep last night before I could even ask.

So on to accomplishments I guess since the first half was bitching. This month I’m doing the 30 Day Shred for the whole month except I started yesterday and not on the first. Well it’s better late than never right? So you know once you start this video you’re usually struggling well this time I wasn’t too much. I went from 3 pound weights to 5 pounds instead and the only thing I did lessened was the Push up’s I did 12 instead of however many they did each time, and the lunge with a curl I did 15 instead of the number they did. I was able to do the WHOLE cardio without stopping which was the first and I hardly took any breaks the only time I did was when we switched to a different exercise I grabbed some water. I’m only going to do Level 1 until Friday and then move on to Level two.  (Not because I think it’s easy but because it’s a lot easier then I remember. Looks like my trainer whipped me into better shape then I realized I was in.) I’m going to try and stick this out until the end of the month doing it every day! I have no excuses simply because it’s at home! So I guess I finally found a goal to do this month. I’m not thinking I’m going to drop any weight and you know I’m going to be fine this month to maintain!

So it’s been a while since I posted, but I guess I’ll update you on the dating scene before I get down to my weight crap. Friday night date actually Canceled on Thursday afternoon, I didn’t bother to ask for an excuse because I just didn’t care enough to hear something bogus. So I made my friend who’ve I’ve been talking to forever come over on Friday instead of doing something Saturday and it was good we watched movies and snuggled. It was nice (oh and later on Thursday night the original guy I was suppose to go out with sent me a text saying the reason why he canceled, but he if I comfortable enough he’ll make me a wonderful dinner instead. Which I thought was sweet but already made plans so I couldn’t go through with it.)

So Saturday came along and Mikey wanted to chill again…Well he complains girls are needy and I was like yea I like him but two days in a row naw, I’ll pass so I did and he seemed miffed at me about it but whatever. Yesterday he was over and we hung out after he was done work. So it’s not like I’m ditching him or not wanting to hang out I’m just doing it on my OWN time when I want.

This weekend I was out of food I was living off of eggs cottage cheese and oranges and I went down to 156. Of course I’m not jumping for joy at that because we know how this is going to go. So my sister lent me some money and I went grocery shopping of course to buy processed food like Pizza pockets, microwavable food, buns, and these really yummy muffins and some milk. I know bad right, well I don’t get paid until next Tuesday on the 15th and seriously that crap can last me until then, healthy food can not so yes I bought a bunch of crap. Am I worried though not really, eat it in moderations and keep my water intake a lot higher then it normally is; though I am feeling the effects of having this crap in my system after eating healthy (mostly) the rest of the time.  

I’m not going to the gym…I haven’t had the money to pay it this month ugh I seem to be falling into an unhealthy financial pattern like before. I need a second part time job I know that but no one is wanting to hire me for obvious reasons, I’m clearly not going to stay there long so why should they right? I guess I just have to keep trying and start harassing more until I get what I want. I think I’m more frustrated with finances than I am my weight loss right now. I guess that’s a good thing…though I’m not stuffing my face stressing I’m just in a middle of a tornado wanting to smash things instead. Ha-ha (of course I don’t).

This was Jan 10, 2011 Measurements:
R: upper Arm 11
L Upper Arm 11.5
Chest – 38.5
Waist – 32.5
Abdonimal: 37
Hips: 40.5
R thigh: 22
L thigh: 21
R calf: 22
L Calf: 21

Blood pressure: 134/82

Today’s measurements:
R and L are: 11 (both now are the same)
Chest: 38
Waist: 31
Abdominal: 35
Hips: 40
R and L Thigh: 21 (both now the same)
R and L Calf: 21 (both now the same!)

Blood pressure: 120/73


675 inches down since Jan…Not to mention on of the girls at the gym who trains before me told me I lost a bunch of weight and look good! It was nice and it made me feel motivated!

First off thank you for all the fake comments coming through it makes me day to feel loved by spammers…haha

So this morning I was up at 161 no surprise I’m getting really sick of being between 163-158 make up your damn mind just when I think I’m out of the 160’s my body goes haha just joking your still up there! So I’m at my breaking point to say F it let’s just keep it here and maintain.! I know it sounds like I’m giving up…and it seems like every time I stress about weight loss I don’t lose anything but gain. So I need to find a way to get back into carefree me mode. Maybe that should be my challenge for this month. To un detox the crap I built up last month in my head and in my body.

Today is my last day with my trainer, I think tomorrow I’m going to start a detox, problem is though I have a date Friday, and hanging out with someone on Saturday…anyone have any tips on this? Should I just wait until Sunday to start it?