Bucket List

10 things I want to do before I’m 30. I’m going to be 26 in May so I have 4 years to do this!

I have a plan for all of this as well I just need to face whatever psychological problem is in my head at the moment and just do it damnit!

1) Be 140 pounds and maintain it.

2) Get out of Debt.

3) Put a down payment on a condo.

4) Go to university and become a Psychologist or a Profiler.

5) Get a passport (yea I know easy enough to get and cross off haha)

6) Visit Alaska and the Yukon.

7) Back Pack around Europe (if not back packing at least go to Denmark!)

8) Invest in RRSPs and a savings account.



If I sacrifice two years of my life working in the Yukon or in some random small town like Fort Mac at camps making money I can have pretty much all of these crossed off. All I need to do is get the job. As for 9 and 10 I haven’t figured it out yet. Most people put marriage and a child down…I honestly don’t see that in the next 4 years happening, if ever at least the marriage part.

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