Fuck the Scale, it’s about getting fit and being healthy is my new moto.

MY calves STILL hurt making the workout much harder to do, but I modified it and worked at it a little slowly until they were warmed up and stretched out and even then I had to be careful because I didn’t want anything to seriously rip! Not the first week getting back into this. 55 days left!  I was suppose to do C25K with a friend, but being woken up straight from a nap we ended up just hanging out and talking. To be honest I was going to skip all workouts today but 10 pm hit and I was like…Just do it and I did Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs day 5 of Insanity, I liked it. I feel great! I’m also super tired and about to go to bed.

Tomorrow is Plyo the first video after the fitness test, the one I quit at the last 15 minutes! I’m ready to kick it’s ass tomorrow! Bring it!


jewlz280 says 25th June @ 9:50

Yeah… the scale can be an annoying hag. I go from weighing daily to every couple of weeks. This is a long term thing for me, so I don’t want to get too obsessed with the numbers. Mostly the ones on that little screen next to my feet! LOL Measurements are more accurate, but even they can’t really tell you what’s happening on the inside. You just have to stick it out and look at it long term. Hope your calves get to feeling better! Sometimes soaking in a warm salt-water bath helps! 😀

miztaccen says 27th June @ 5:24

After a long grueling week of calve pain and having to not push myself twice as hard during my workouts and taking twice as long to warm up they are finally feeling better. I agree the scale is such a pain and half of the time I think I weight less then I really am. So the scale can go out the door…not literally but for the time being haha.

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