My progress over the last few months has failed. I’ve been able to maintain at 155 which I guess is better then gaining…But when I went to weight in for my biggest loser Challenge (Stupidly did it at night) I was up to 160…freaked me out and really made me start to realize what the hell am I doing. I’m going home to visit in a few weeks so I really want to show them I’ve improved and look better and yet sometimes I think I look like the same girl as I was when I was 180! I know it’s all mental tricks playing with me.

I did the Shaun T – Insanity fitness test on friday just to try it out! I think I’m going to do it again starting today and just start the whole 60 days today. Wish me luck! I’ll be posting my results and my journey of it starting tomorrow!


elaina says 21st June @ 15:14

I like how you engage in different weight loss challenges. Not only are you holding yourself accountable by writing this blog, but you’re putting yourself out there for complete strangers, as well, against other challengers. Good luck with your 60-day challenge!

miztaccen says 24th June @ 22:10

Thank you! I enjoy challenges, when I have challenges or challenge myself I find it’s easier to get on track and stay there. I’ve taken quite a hiatus from working out and losing weight. I maintained for months and now I’m suffering from a 10 pound blow up. But you know what life goes on, lesson learned. Old habits die hard but it’s time I nipped it in the butt!

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