So good news, I’ve started a second job and the best thing about this job is I get tips! I seem to spend those lots, but now I’ve come up with a solution a goal. I can make between 5 to 10 dollars a night in tips sometimes more and if I save up until every Pay I can buy the things I want. Like this month I’m looking forward to buying the Jillian Unlimited book, but instead of breaking into my account and spending that money I should just save up and by the book using my Tips (and within two weeks if not sooner I’ll have the money for the book.). That way, 1 I kind of save money and 2, it’ll help me control my spending. (at least I hope…unfortunately I’m one of those people that as soon as I have money, I need to spend it right away! So I need to work on that…it’s like when you’re fat and you see a piece of cake and you know you’re not hungry but that cake looks so good, you eat it anyways and over stuff yourself. I get like that with food but I’m horrible with money.

I’ve maintained my weight between 153, and 155 I’m on TOM again because I thought it would be smart to start the pill but lately it’s turned me into a psychotic nagging bitch who wants to rip off everyone’s head and I don’t even need a good reason for it. Not to mention when the wrong thing is said to me I go off and get defensive and pissed off. So here I am on TOM for the second time this month. I’m going to start a 9day cleanse on Thursday I’ll probably last two days before I go back to eating which is fine. I think it’s time to get these last 15 pounds off, don’t you?!

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