I’m down to 156 yep! I haven’t worked out all month but I’ve been watching what I eat. I don’t count calories because it puts too much effort into caring too much and when I do I never drop weight so I’m back to the carefree me.  Where I eat healthy and the odd time pick a day to eat unhealthy and healthy at the same time. I eat smaller portions and probably not as often as I should be eating but still. I think starting April 1st I’m going to get back into the gym sometime we just need a break. I know I do!

So my ex emailed me last Friday it was kind of humorous apparently he’s living a hotel because he needs to be alone…haha so I wrote back saying okay what I don’t get the point of that but whatever. And of course he wrote back saying oh the old you sounds like she’s back.  (You know the angry one from when he emails me setting me off and I rip him a new assholes haha) I just wrote back lol seriously it was funny. He’s so retarded and trying to get me to completely blow up on him like I used to so he can think he still has power over me. I don’t know why I just don’t delete the email I think I enjoy the drama or the fact that he STILL emails me as if I’m suppose to care what goes on in his daily life and the fact that he’s not over me makes me happy. He wrote back saying lol I’m mean and I just sent a smile face to him and that was the end of it. This isn’t because I want to get back together with him or ever be with him It’s more along the fact because I WAS the best thing that has happened to him and he had the best days of his life when he was with me. Hey it’s not my fault he can’t let go of his past, I’ve been doing pretty damn good I think!

I applied at a pet store last night and I really hope they call me in for an interview since I’m open for all afternoon shifts and weekend ones. If they don’t call me by tomorrow evening I’m going to call them Friday and find out what’s going on. I really want it. I want a second part time job but I want to do like 30 hours a week on top of my 40 hours I already put in. If I do I can have majority of my debt paid off by Aug and the rest I can get a consumer proposal because I won’t have any more co-signed stuff.  Yes I know that’s a lot of hours to work but in reality people do it all the time! I’m actually a very lazy person so I figure this will help me become motivated, and I can probably meet more people around my age instead of having to go on a dumb dating site. Besides I don’t want to deal with this unnecessary debt just because I was dumb in my last relationship and did this to myself doesn’t mean I have to go into a new relationship and have them deal with my irresponsible money mess.

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