I’ve been at a nice solid 157 this week and all last week which I’m happy about, of course my goal is 140 but it seems to be taking a little longer then I wanted for me to get to there. I’ve been avoiding the gym due to lack of payment which I was finally able to pay today. Now I’m freaking out because I hardly have any money left over and normally I wouldn’t care if I wasn’t dating someone…I’m definitely trying to hid my financial situation from him…But think things are going well, he and I hung out Sunday night, he brought over a tooth brush and left it at my house (that’s a good sign right?) also he brought up the fact that I liked him a lot but I wouldn’t tell him why and when I left the room and came back he was taking off the half naked pictures of girls wall paper on his i-phone and changing it to other random scenic pictures and of his cat. (Good sign number 2?) Of course he wouldn’t explain why he was doing it he just said why not? Which is fine simply because I couldn’t explain to him why I liked him so much but the next day he got text messages sort of explaining it, and last night he was telling me how he missed me…(good sign number 3?) I don’t want to get hurt…(Bad sign for me…because it makes me want to run. But obviously there are clear signs for me not to run right? He doesn’t have any red flags on him, he has his head on his shoulders and is over all a pain in the ass but a good guy.)

One of the girls off of 3FC are getting together to do workout video’s a few times a week since I clearly have no motivation to do them on my own and to finish through with them so I’m hoping this will help me continue on with my journey.

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