I had started a new job at the fast food restaurant and went from 99kg to 101kg because my boss gives me free food on my break. Plus there was a Christmas holiday disaster that made me finished at nearly 103kg. I don’t diet at the moment but I am glad that it’s January and I am not as heavy as last year which was 108kg so over the year, I have managed to lose 5kg which makes me feel not so bad. I keep jumping between 102 and 103kg at the moment. I am size 20 now but I fit in some size 18. Before when I said that I fit to size 18,I meant that is a little bit tide on me. It’s a magical month and I think that I could lose another 9kg from the Monday the 13 till this September. This will be my minimum weight to lose. So that’s 9kg in 9 months which is completely healthy because its 1kg per month. My predicted weigh for September is 94kg. The most I could lose would be 0.5kg per week which in 9 months is 18kg lost. In September I would weight 85. Preferably, I would like to lose 1kg in a week which is 4kg in the month. I could diet for less time then. I could diet for 8 months and lose 32kg which would ended me being 70-71kg in August. I would be really happy then. My goal is to start Monday and lose 1kg a week. I have to do some research about diets and exercise now to get me started this Monday which will be the 13 of January 2013.