Long time no see!!!

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Today my weight is 118kg but that is only because I have recently lost 3.5 kg. So I weighted about 121kg, making me the heaviest ever. I am size 22, but still not certain. 22 is quite lose on me in some shops but again their are making their sizes bigger so its probity size 22. last time I have weighted 115 after Christmas. So till today weight which is 118 I have gained 3kg. Easter was ok, stayed the same but then I had 4 month worth holiday making me gain those 3 kg  from may till now September 2015. My target is to lose 5kg in 8 weeks a least. Its 14 weeks till Christmas so I can either lose 0.5 every week making my weight 111kg( 7kg lost). Or losing 1kg per week making me 104kg (14kg lost). Or losing 1.5kg per week making me 97kg (21kg lost). If I was to weight 97kg, I would be so happy!!! It would be my lightest since I lost 99kg for the first time.

Queen of jo-jo dieting!!! Total Disaster!!!

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Today was the day that I got back to writing my blog as it’s been over a year now. My size 20 is really tide and I am the heaviest that I have ever been. I weight 115kg now because of Christmas, eating chocolate and having fast food nearly everyday. It’s been over a year and I have gain 12kg since January 2014. Over more than 2 years I went from 99kg in January 2013 to 115kg now. That is 16kg gain. That is equal to gaining 0.6 every month for 2 years. I would like to go down to 99kg again and fit to tide size 18 clothes, a least size 20 well be lose. Before it took me from January 2013 (108kg) till September (99kg) to lose 9kg. So over the course of 9 months I lost 9kg. It leaves me a weight lost of 1kg per month. My ultimate goal is to be a normal size 18 because I really like the some shops and they stock up to size 18.

OH no!!! Grain some weight since my big lost

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I had started a new job at the fast food restaurant and went from 99kg to 101kg because my boss gives me free food on my break. Plus there was a Christmas holiday disaster that made me finished at nearly 103kg. I don’t diet at the moment but I am glad that it’s January and I am not as heavy as last year which was 108kg so over the year, I have managed to lose 5kg which makes me feel not so bad. I keep jumping between 102 and 103kg at the moment. I am size 20 now but I fit in some size 18. Before when I said that I fit to size 18,I meant that is a little bit tide on me. It’s a magical month and I think that I could lose another 9kg from the Monday the 13 till this September. This will be my minimum weight to lose. So that’s 9kg in 9 months which is completely healthy because its 1kg per month. My predicted weigh for September is 94kg. The most I could lose would be 0.5kg per week which in 9 months is 18kg lost. In September I would weight 85. Preferably, I would like to lose 1kg in a week which is 4kg in the month. I could diet for less time then. I could diet for 8 months and lose 32kg which would ended me being 70-71kg in August. I would be really happy then. My goal is to start Monday and lose 1kg a week. I have to do some research about diets and exercise now to get me started this Monday which will be the 13 of January 2013.

Lost some but didn’t reach my goal

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Hello again,
my latest post was in march and a lot of have happen. First of all I weight 99 kg now and I have lost 6kg since my last post. Before I have started this blog my heaviest weight was 108kg and that was in January 2013. I am happy that I have lost 9 kg but I have to go down to 75kg to be healthy. I start doing going to slimming world and I am really happy with my group motivation. I got a Christmas tree picture to keep my motivated. It’s 14 weeks left till Christmas so my new weekly target is to lose 1.4 kg each week. Altogether 19 in 14 weeks. It will leave me with 5 kg to lose. I am not thing about my dream size because if I weight 75kg and I don’t like my size then I could do exercises that reduce my waist line not weight like weights in the gym. I am size 18 now.

Welcome to my new blog!!!

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Today is the first time I have ever blogged and I never blogged about weight lost before. This time is a good time to start because I want to be at least size 12 by August so I can be thin on my holidays aboard. I have 4 months to get down from size 20 to 12. Today I have weighted myself and I am 105 kg. I am planning to start tomorrow because it is too late to do something now when I have to go to sleep in few minutes. Good Luck to me !!!