100 Things that make me happy

On a few blogs, I’ve seen lots of lists regarding things that make people happy (of the non-eating variety), so I thought I’d start my own!  Next time I’m bored at home, I’ll log on and pick from the list instead of eating 🙂

1) Being absorbed in a good book, particularly if I’m somewhere comfy 🙂

2) Taking a bath with oatmeal soap..so soft!

3) Trying on clothes that didn’t used to fit that fit me now (yay!)

4) Painting my nails a fun color

5) Reading “junky” magazines like US weekly 🙂

6) Bikram yoga

7) Running

8) Walking

9) Laying by the pool with a good (low-cal) drink

10) Calling a friend I haven’t talked to in a long time

11) Updating my blog!!! (hehe)

12) Going for a hike

13) Window shopping at the mall (I prefer regular shopping but don’t have the $$$ right now, haha)

14) Cooking with a friend

15) Baking something for someone else

16) Going to the beach!!!

17) Finding good, new music

18) Making lists (seriously)

19) Planning things (again, seriously)

20) Getting a comment on my blog 🙂 (and paying it forward)

21) Going to the movies!!! (even by myself!)



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