Hi guys!!

Is anyone still here?? I have been MIA for MONTHS…worked picked up, and I got crazy busy. But, I’ve been exercising a lot and watching what I eat (kind of) and am still about 155 pounds. I also picked one of the boys (hehe) and I have a great BF who thinks I’m gorgeous and don’t need to lose a pound. Love him, but I still want to get back in my skinny jeans! This week I’m traveling back to Minneosta for work, then going to New York for a wedding weekend which is going to include my best friends bday in NYC on Friday and meeting my BF’s parents in Connecticut on Sunday. Yikes! I figured this was as good of a time as any to pick up my blog to keep myself on plan for the week and a half I’ll be gone.

If anyone’s around, let me know! I’ll post more tomorrow 🙂