I’m still here guys!  My project is slowing down a littler, so hopefully I’ll have more time to post.

Gertie, I forgot to copy your new blog link, so if you read this, could you comment with it?  I need to update my weigh in!

So last week I went to Minnesota and got SO SICK.  Then I came back late Thursday night and had a super busy weekend (Napa on Sat with my sister in law, then worked all day on Sunday until midnight – awful).  But I tracked everything I ate (I ate some really bad sh*t too, especially while I was traveling), and stayed on plan (even though it meant a 2 hour workout on sunday while sick, which is probably why I’m still sick, groan.)

BUT, I lost 2 pounds last week – yay!  My bestie who is also doing WW also lost 2 pounds, so we were both super stoked.  I don’t feel that much skinnier yet, but hopefully that’s on its way. 

This week is going to be such a challenge – tonight I’m going out to dinner with one of the boys, tomorrow I have 2 (two!) happy hours, and Friday night I’m leaving on the red eye for a wedding weekend in Charlotte.  Oy vey.  Really though my lesson from last week was to track everything and stay on plan – it WORKS.  So far this week has been ok…gone a little over points both days but tracking everything and still have like 30 extra points for the week.  I’m trying to back off the working out since clearly that is not helping my sick situation, so it will require lots of discipline on my part. 

Also, I snuck a weigh in this morning even though I’m only two days into the week, and I’m already half a pound down 🙂

Hope everyone is doing well!!

xoxo M