I have been SO BUSY since I started work, it seems like a weekly check in is the best I can muster!!  I weighed in this morning down 0.2 pounds for the week.  Here’s a quick recap of the week, lol.

– Monday: Good workout and on plan!

– Tuesday: Went to happy hour and came home and didn’t make any bad decisions!

– Wednesday: Huge potluck at my house.  Fun, but ate way too much.

– Thursday: Ate a bad dinner at work, then ate junk leftover from potluck when I got home.  Went out with friends and burned some calories dancing.  Lesson: don’t keep junk in the house!!!!

– Friday: Hungover in the morning, but got a great run in anyway.  Ate junk at work, but didn’t do THAT bad until I got home and ate more junk leftover from the party.  Need to figure out how to get through work on Fridays when there’s tons of junk aruond.  LESSON: DON’T KEEP JUNK IN THE HOUSE.  Had a great date with boy #2!!

– Saturday: Skipped workout to hang out with boy #1 (lol, i’m liking this boy thing) and had a good day.  Didn’t eat too much junk and went to dinner with boy #2.  Got frozen yogurt on the way home even though was full.  Not good.

– Sunday: Had a great morning workout, healthy lunch, light dinner.  Ruined great day with a huge thing of frozen yogurt at 9 pm while out walking with my roomie.  LESSON: Pick one day to have frozen yogurt!!!

Phew!!  It’s kind of fun to see the week like that – it actually is interesting to see how the good/bad decisions add up to my measely 0.2 pound weight loss, lol.  My bestie who is also doing WW schooled me with a 2.4 pound loss =(  I need to get my act together.

Tomorrow I’m flying to Minneapolis for work, which sucks.  I don’t want to be out of my usual eating/working out situation, but such is life.  I’m going to have to deal with challenges if this diet is going to be a lifestyle so I might as well start now.  I’m going to dinner tonight with boy #2 for his birthday tonight, so I picked a healthy restaurant and am going to try to get a good workout in and have really healthy fiber-filled food today (fruit salad and kashi granola bar are on the menu for lunch).

I hope everyone has a great Monday!!

xoxo M