Hi girls,

this weekend is going to be a HUGE challenge.  A friend of mine is getting married in DC on Saturday night, and I decided to turn the the wedding into a huge trip that looks something like this:

Tonight: Red eye to NYC

Tomorrow: Land at JFK.  Figure out way to best friends apartment and hope someone can buzz me in.  Potentially meet up with a friend before my bestie gets off work around 7.  Happy hour.  Dinner out.

Friday:  Sleep.  Meet up with bestie at lunchtime.  Eat, buy snacks and booze.  Have people over for preparty, go out.

Saturday:  Wake up early and get on train to DC.  1:00, arrive in DC and help friend get ready for wedding.  6:30 wedding.

Sunday: Fly home.

Monday: First day of work.

AAAHHHH!!!  Ok, now under normal circumstances, I would be trying to plan a healthy weekend and totally fail.  But this time, I am going to ACTUALLY stay on plan, track my points, try to run when I can, and sleep when I can.  I don’t want to feel fat and bloated when I come back on Sunday before my first day of work.  I know as long as I stay calm and happy and hydrated, things will be fine.  I can do this!!

First challenge: the airport (ARCHENEMY).  The plan – since I’m taking the red eye, bring a small snack with me and get tea at the airport.  Read until I’m sleepy and ready to get on the plane.  No junk!

I’m also going to bring snacks for the weekend (apples and maybe some other fruit, but no carbs I can binge on) in case I need a healthy snack and can’t find something convenient!  I’ll check in tomorrow from NY!

xoxo M