“Follow effective action wtih quiet reflection.  From the quiet reflection wil come even more effective action.”

I pulled that quote from my blog last summer.  Even though I didn’t lose a ton of weight, I lost about ten pounds last summer working out A TON (twice a day 5 days a week).  It was effective, yes, but not sustainable.  I still battled my weird eating habits, bingeing on the weekends, and not stopping eating when I was full.  But when I think about what works for me on a day to day basis I know I can make changes in the way I exist, just on an every day basis.

Today was a good day – I dropped my old roommate off at the train station (she was visiting for a few days), went to Bikram yoga, ran a bunch of errands, went to kickboxing, went and got spray tanned (fun!), and came home and baked banana bread to give to my best friend tomorrow.  I had two pieces, but I had enough points left over from the day for both, and ended the day under my total 29 points 🙂  Hey, one day of success is one closer to 365 days of success!

xoxo M