Resurrecting my Blog

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Hi guys!!

Is anyone still here?? I have been MIA for MONTHS…worked picked up, and I got crazy busy. But, I’ve been exercising a lot and watching what I eat (kind of) and am still about 155 pounds. I also picked one of the boys (hehe) and I have a great BF who thinks I’m gorgeous and don’t need to lose a pound. Love him, but I still want to get back in my skinny jeans! This week I’m traveling back to Minneosta for work, then going to New York for a wedding weekend which is going to include my best friends bday in NYC on Friday and meeting my BF’s parents in Connecticut on Sunday. Yikes! I figured this was as good of a time as any to pick up my blog to keep myself on plan for the week and a half I’ll be gone.

If anyone’s around, let me know! I’ll post more tomorrow 🙂



Weekly check in :)

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I’m still here guys!  My project is slowing down a littler, so hopefully I’ll have more time to post.

Gertie, I forgot to copy your new blog link, so if you read this, could you comment with it?  I need to update my weigh in!

So last week I went to Minnesota and got SO SICK.  Then I came back late Thursday night and had a super busy weekend (Napa on Sat with my sister in law, then worked all day on Sunday until midnight – awful).  But I tracked everything I ate (I ate some really bad sh*t too, especially while I was traveling), and stayed on plan (even though it meant a 2 hour workout on sunday while sick, which is probably why I’m still sick, groan.)

BUT, I lost 2 pounds last week – yay!  My bestie who is also doing WW also lost 2 pounds, so we were both super stoked.  I don’t feel that much skinnier yet, but hopefully that’s on its way. 

This week is going to be such a challenge – tonight I’m going out to dinner with one of the boys, tomorrow I have 2 (two!) happy hours, and Friday night I’m leaving on the red eye for a wedding weekend in Charlotte.  Oy vey.  Really though my lesson from last week was to track everything and stay on plan – it WORKS.  So far this week has been ok…gone a little over points both days but tracking everything and still have like 30 extra points for the week.  I’m trying to back off the working out since clearly that is not helping my sick situation, so it will require lots of discipline on my part. 

Also, I snuck a weigh in this morning even though I’m only two days into the week, and I’m already half a pound down 🙂

Hope everyone is doing well!!

xoxo M

Weekly Check In!

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I have been SO BUSY since I started work, it seems like a weekly check in is the best I can muster!!  I weighed in this morning down 0.2 pounds for the week.  Here’s a quick recap of the week, lol.

– Monday: Good workout and on plan!

– Tuesday: Went to happy hour and came home and didn’t make any bad decisions!

– Wednesday: Huge potluck at my house.  Fun, but ate way too much.

– Thursday: Ate a bad dinner at work, then ate junk leftover from potluck when I got home.  Went out with friends and burned some calories dancing.  Lesson: don’t keep junk in the house!!!!

– Friday: Hungover in the morning, but got a great run in anyway.  Ate junk at work, but didn’t do THAT bad until I got home and ate more junk leftover from the party.  Need to figure out how to get through work on Fridays when there’s tons of junk aruond.  LESSON: DON’T KEEP JUNK IN THE HOUSE.  Had a great date with boy #2!!

– Saturday: Skipped workout to hang out with boy #1 (lol, i’m liking this boy thing) and had a good day.  Didn’t eat too much junk and went to dinner with boy #2.  Got frozen yogurt on the way home even though was full.  Not good.

– Sunday: Had a great morning workout, healthy lunch, light dinner.  Ruined great day with a huge thing of frozen yogurt at 9 pm while out walking with my roomie.  LESSON: Pick one day to have frozen yogurt!!!

Phew!!  It’s kind of fun to see the week like that – it actually is interesting to see how the good/bad decisions add up to my measely 0.2 pound weight loss, lol.  My bestie who is also doing WW schooled me with a 2.4 pound loss =(  I need to get my act together.

Tomorrow I’m flying to Minneapolis for work, which sucks.  I don’t want to be out of my usual eating/working out situation, but such is life.  I’m going to have to deal with challenges if this diet is going to be a lifestyle so I might as well start now.  I’m going to dinner tonight with boy #2 for his birthday tonight, so I picked a healthy restaurant and am going to try to get a good workout in and have really healthy fiber-filled food today (fruit salad and kashi granola bar are on the menu for lunch).

I hope everyone has a great Monday!!

xoxo M

Getting back on the horse..

26 Jul 2011 In: Uncategorized

Or in the saddle..or whatever, lol

My weigh in this week was yesterday and was 159.1, which is 2.3 pounds down from the week before.  I’m not excited though because 159.1 is still SO HIGH for me, and my goal is 137.  I don’t know what got into me last week, seriously I don’t.  Usually when I make bad decisions I can look back and identify what went wrong, but last week I seriously don’t know. 

Anyway, yesterday (Monday) I had a great on-plan day, and today has been great.  Tomorrow we’re having a potluck for 30 people at my house, and I don’t know how I’m going to stay plan.  But, I know I CAN!  🙂

I hope everyone’s having a great week =)

xoxo M

Poor End to the Week

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Hey girls,

So after CRUSHING it Mon-Thurs (totally on plan and worked out every day), I had a really bad Friday.  I wasn’t even that stressed or tired, there was just food everywhere.  Muffins, bagels, sandwiches, cookies, chocolate.  I didn’t even track my points 🙁  I feel so disappointed in myself after doing such a good job all week.  It really bums me out, and I HATE feeling bummed.  I’m going to try to undo some damage with a run and kickboxing this morning, which will hopefully do the trick.  I dont like feeling bloated and yucky, I like feeling skinny and cute.  I know I can do this!  Weigh in is on Monday so I have two days to eat right and exercise!  I will check in later this weekend, I hope everyone is doing well!

xoxo M

Day 2.5 :)

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…of work, and it already feels like I’ve been here for years!  I have been doing so well since I’ve been back, I have been resisiting treats left and right, and tracking all my points.  I’m down 5 pounds since Monday morning (I know mostly water weight, but still).  My best friend also joined Weight Watchers, which makes me SO HAPPY.  She is the best diet buddy – whenever we are having a hard time ordering something good at a restaurant or resisting a treat, we give each other support to make good decisions.  To celebrate, we’re doing a heathy weight watchers BBQ at her house on Sunday night – I love having plans with friends that I know are going to be fun and healthy. 

I know as work picks up it will be harder and harder to stay on plan, but I’m going to do my best and save points for when I REALLY need that extra latte or when I REALLY need another glass of wine 😉  No wasting points on stuff just because it’s there.

xoxo M 

First Day at Work!

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Hey girls!

I had my first day of work today – as much as it sucks working, it’s slightly nice to be back in a routine.  I even woke up at 5:30 am to go to hot yoga – go me!  With all the drinking and partying this weekend, I ended up weighing in this morning at 161.4 which is awful…I couldnt even fit into my work clothes last night when I was trying to find something to wear.  But you know, it was good motivation to actually get back on weight watchers and really sink my teeth into losing weight.  My best friend who had a baby 6 months ago also just joined with me, so I’m really looking forward to doing this with her.  I hope everyone had a great weekend – I’ll write more soon!

xoxo M

Checking In

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hi girls,

I made it to new york without buying ANY junk at the airport (just a fiber one bar, but I was hungry), got here without buying anything bad for me on the way, and went for a workout after a healthy breakfast of almonds and cashews (I turned down the scones at starbucks!)  i am going to go meet up with a friend of mine, and know I can make this a great day for losing weight and having fun!

xoxo M

Traveling and Staying On Plan

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Hi girls,

this weekend is going to be a HUGE challenge.  A friend of mine is getting married in DC on Saturday night, and I decided to turn the the wedding into a huge trip that looks something like this:

Tonight: Red eye to NYC

Tomorrow: Land at JFK.  Figure out way to best friends apartment and hope someone can buzz me in.  Potentially meet up with a friend before my bestie gets off work around 7.  Happy hour.  Dinner out.

Friday:  Sleep.  Meet up with bestie at lunchtime.  Eat, buy snacks and booze.  Have people over for preparty, go out.

Saturday:  Wake up early and get on train to DC.  1:00, arrive in DC and help friend get ready for wedding.  6:30 wedding.

Sunday: Fly home.

Monday: First day of work.

AAAHHHH!!!  Ok, now under normal circumstances, I would be trying to plan a healthy weekend and totally fail.  But this time, I am going to ACTUALLY stay on plan, track my points, try to run when I can, and sleep when I can.  I don’t want to feel fat and bloated when I come back on Sunday before my first day of work.  I know as long as I stay calm and happy and hydrated, things will be fine.  I can do this!!

First challenge: the airport (ARCHENEMY).  The plan – since I’m taking the red eye, bring a small snack with me and get tea at the airport.  Read until I’m sleepy and ready to get on the plane.  No junk!

I’m also going to bring snacks for the weekend (apples and maybe some other fruit, but no carbs I can binge on) in case I need a healthy snack and can’t find something convenient!  I’ll check in tomorrow from NY!

xoxo M


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“Follow effective action wtih quiet reflection.  From the quiet reflection wil come even more effective action.”

I pulled that quote from my blog last summer.  Even though I didn’t lose a ton of weight, I lost about ten pounds last summer working out A TON (twice a day 5 days a week).  It was effective, yes, but not sustainable.  I still battled my weird eating habits, bingeing on the weekends, and not stopping eating when I was full.  But when I think about what works for me on a day to day basis I know I can make changes in the way I exist, just on an every day basis.

Today was a good day – I dropped my old roommate off at the train station (she was visiting for a few days), went to Bikram yoga, ran a bunch of errands, went to kickboxing, went and got spray tanned (fun!), and came home and baked banana bread to give to my best friend tomorrow.  I had two pieces, but I had enough points left over from the day for both, and ended the day under my total 29 points 🙂  Hey, one day of success is one closer to 365 days of success!

xoxo M

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