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So a diet buddy of mine and I started dieting last I dunno, feb? Sometime between feb-june I know that much. Anyhow, she mentioned today how it’s been nearly a year. She stuck to her diet mostly, only gained about 8 lbs back which she is in the process of losing. I gained back about 12 out of 25. I switched from calorie counting (which was effective) to atkins, which didn’t work, and then to south beach, which didn’t work, and now am back at calorie counting, which is working. doh’! I can’t help but think, what if *I* had stuck with it the entire time doing the calorie counting and staying On Plan. A YEAR!?! I could be at goal by now, or pretty damned close to it.

I just had to get that out, because I refuse to shoulda woulda coulda my day away. I’m back on track NOW. I have lost 25 lbs NOW. I will stay on track and this time next year (hopefully by dec actually, my bday) I will be at goal. (Want to get this weight off before 30 comes rollin’ around the corner!)

January 21st, 2009 at 12:41 pm