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Me oh my. hehe, I never thought I”d be saying this but dieting this time around is downright EASY. I’m going the vegetarian route as stated before…..and wow. it makes things so simple. I stay away from ‘vegetarian’ things like french fries, and all that unhealthy stuff, easy enough for some reason! And I’m eating tons of fruit, veggies, brown rice, beans (black and garbanzo), wheat pasta and nuts and seeds. I’m eating almost entirely whole foods and I think it’s so easy because it’s all SO TASTY. I finally have a reason to be CREATIVE WITH FOOD and I’m having a great time! and I lost 2 lbs this week!
I made home made seitan last night. I made seitan and chickpea ‘nuggets’ and omg they were SO GOOD. crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. I also made a huge batch of seitan to keep on hand to eat throughout the week. I”m making seitan strips in buffalo sauce for a mock boneless wings tonight, with brown rice and black beans. I a lso made a big batch of home made hummus!

*is having loads of fun and has never felt better*


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Over on the 100 + lbs to lose board, there is a thread about inspirational/motivation quotes.
I notice that most of the quotes are very empowering in a personal sort of way, things like this:

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” Carl Bard

Things that seem deeply personal, because this journey IS deeply personal, emotional, it’s not just ya know, push away your dish when you’re full. There is an inner struggle there. Do I push it away because I”m full, or eat until I become sick? Oh it’s so tasty! But my thighs….augh. Every decision is heaped with portions of self control/self doubt/motivation/and a lack of will power. This is a fight that we will fight for the rest of our lives. My gma said to pay attention and as soon as you see you’ve gained 2 or 5 lbs, get strict, and go back to dieting. The hard part is not gaining those 5 lbs to begin with. The hard part, is staying on plan when you think you have it’ under control’, you can ‘do it on your own’. You don’t need things like the daily plate or spark and maybe you can exercise a little less. Yeah…well. I know I can’t. I can’t do this alone. I can’t do it without 3 fat chicks, without my real life diet buddies, without sparkpeople.com or the other countless resources I use to try and lose and be healthy. I can not walk this road alone. Some say “I’m sure you could if it came down to it.” But it has come down to it, my health is starting to go due to my weight and I have tried so many times alone….it just doesnt’ happen the way it happens when all my supports are in place.
Thanks girls, for being there. 🙂

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Well, I seemed to have forgotten about this blog! I’ve been using the one over at www.sparkpeople.com (yes I moved there from the daily plate)

Anyhow…I spent about 3 months losing and gaining the saem 5 lbs. I am back on track now though, have recently become vegetarian and will start back exercising in a week or so.

It’s weird…the way the motivation comes and goes, I was so ‘meh’ about weight loss the last few months. I guess I was happy that i was pretty much able to maintain (within’ a 5 lb range on and off  that is 😉 ) for the last 3…..well, almost 3.5 months! Oh well, at least I”m not starting over from scratch, having gained it all back. Thanks for small miracles. haha.

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So two of my diet buddies came over for dinner again. We had grilled sweet and sour chicken with a half cup of brown rice and a half cup of edamame. I forgot to make eggrolls. Oh well.

I lost 2 lbs this week. down -26 lbs now. I’m pretty excited. I weigh 273 and can not WAIT to get into the 260’s. 260 was my old “OMG I AM SO FAT” high weight before I got even fatter! It’s kind of sad hoping to get to an old weight that used to outrage me. lol.

I am always looking for buddies who also use the daily plate and have a large amount to lose. I have 83 lbs left to lose for my first ‘big’ goal I believe (190) and and then another 15 for my second ‘big’ goal to get down to 175 (my start weight was 299 for anyone confused about my math skills!) hehe. If any of you use the daily plate and need a buddy, I have aim and like, LIVE on tdp and am very on top of keeping my buddies tracking!

Also, I recently got an iphone and it has a daily plate app, so I can track my food wherever I go! 😀

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Now that I”m back to using the daily plate, and have recruited two new irl members that I know, we are doing the weekly healthy dinners at each others houses again. and then on the off weeks we will eat at a restaurant to practice making healthy ‘eating out’ choices.

Today only one of my irl friends was able to come. But I made us some szechuan Chinese with broccoli, carrots and 4 oz of grilled chicken and an egg roll. Then, we had a cup of sugar free jello with lite whipped cream for dessert.

Then we sat and talked for about 3.5 hours. It really was nice. She said she is so happy to be doing this and having a support system because you have someone to talk to about the trials and tribulations of this whole journey of a new lifestyle. SO TRUE.

I have come to the conclusion that I simply can not do this alone or without tools. It can not be done, at least not for me.

So happy I’m back on the wagon. I really can’t say that enough. 😀

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So a diet buddy of mine and I started dieting last I dunno, feb? Sometime between feb-june I know that much. Anyhow, she mentioned today how it’s been nearly a year. She stuck to her diet mostly, only gained about 8 lbs back which she is in the process of losing. I gained back about 12 out of 25. I switched from calorie counting (which was effective) to atkins, which didn’t work, and then to south beach, which didn’t work, and now am back at calorie counting, which is working. doh’! I can’t help but think, what if *I* had stuck with it the entire time doing the calorie counting and staying On Plan. A YEAR!?! I could be at goal by now, or pretty damned close to it.

I just had to get that out, because I refuse to shoulda woulda coulda my day away. I’m back on track NOW. I have lost 25 lbs NOW. I will stay on track and this time next year (hopefully by dec actually, my bday) I will be at goal. (Want to get this weight off before 30 comes rollin’ around the corner!)

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Today I feel good. I recently decreased my dose of one of my mood stabilizers and I feel a lot better. My diet is going well. I love 3fc, it really helps, along with the daily plate.

I don’t have much to say, but I feel the need to write something.  I guess just that I have never been this patient before. it’s coming slow, but steady and that is what’s important.

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Well, I stayed on plan from thanksgiving until this week and hadn’t lost a single lb until this week. 4 lbs GONE, 25 gone hopefully FOR EV AR. 🙂

I feel like I can’t really tell that I’ve lost a single lb. but I am so motivated this time around. I don’t care that I can’t see the loss because I honestly FEEL better. I don’t eat till I’m sick anymore. I mean, eating junk has never really been a problem for me, just PORTION CONTROL.  and I am finally getting a handle on that thanks to www.thedailyplate.com(which is SO much betta than fitday btw 😉

I’m doing a low glycemic index 1500 calorie diet. Atkins and South Beach didn’t work out and I wasn’t losing anything on either one of them. FINALLY, a loss!

Bf is using TDP as well, he lost 6 lbs this week. (It seems to be so much easier for boys!)  He only had 30 lbs to lose. He’s lost about 10 already in less than a month. I still have 100 to lose. 🙁 Oh well. In time…I’m  patient. 🙂 I just know that I want to lose this 100 lbs before I’m 30.

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Well, I recently found out that my real dad who I never really knew died of diabetes complications. He had lost both legs and eyesight after only 6 years and his kidneys finally gave out after 8. (he was an alcoholic which surely led to his quick deterioration) but regardless, I am terrified.

I have dieted off and on my entire life, even recently considered lap band (decided against it) and have recently decided to try South Beach. It seems sensible. I have lost 21 lbs of the 124 (total) I intend to lose. It’ll be hard, harder than ever, I’ve never been this fat in my entire life. But this diabetes thing is terrifying. I need to do something. Now.

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