A Pumpkin-y kind of Saturday

Really smelling like Fall today.
I see colder weather moving in too.
Not a big fan of Winter but what can we do??

This week flew by.
Journaled every day.
Stuck with my own food.
Turned down a VERY salty lunchdate.
Exercised & stretched 6 days this week.

New products from Origins are working.
One eye is not happy with anything I use. sigh.
But the face is calm and looking great.
It made me even dress better.
Got lots of compliments this week.
That always feels good.

wt 190.5 lbs.

Falling into Autumn


Not a bad week at all.
I got a lot of personal stuff done.
Worked in the office.
Turned down more crap….both food & work.
Went shopping alone in the rain. LOL
Sticking to the food I bought.
Staying hydrated…so to speak. (a little short)
Exercised every day……one way or the other.

sc Wt. 191.5 lbs
Weight went up to 192.5 so it’s headed back down.
Not sure what happened. I think it was salt.


Another Saturday with……………

……nothing to do but be lazy.

I am keeping up with meditating on a semi-regular basis.
Keeping the weekends just for me unless I get called out.
I did this years ago and not sure how it got trampled on.

Some food choices could have been a LOT better.
Carbs are creeping in there….funny how that happens. LOL

I didn’t journal this week as a test.
The outcome is I do much better when I see it in B&W!!!!
Keeps me in check & more honest with myself.

Not much else to report.
It was like every other week.
Weight is the same…..187-188 depending on the day.


It’s that “back to school” time of the year


Seems funny to see the kids getting on a school bus already.
Where is this year going?

Good week for me and it ended up on a high note.
Spent time with friends both here & from India.
It was nice to have a chat with someone who is calm!!
His heart is so filled with peace and love. Great week.

Spent time outside
Ate well
No loss still. Bouncing up and down about 2 lbs.

sc 187 lbs.

Almost Autumn


With the newly mown lawn, it smelled like Autumn outside this morning.
Reminding me that Winter is not as far away as I would like it to be!!
I’ve never seen a year fly by as quickly as this one has. SCARY!

This week was good except for not feeling 100%.
Ate well
Avoided office takeout & rested
Water intake was a little low
Didn’t get out much due to weather
Face cleared up since stopping the Aveeno 🙂

sc 187.5 lbs.


Labor of Weightloss



This week was a bust health wise but…
I stuck to the plan as much as I could:

Journaled every day
Got the water in
Did wash loads!
Food was sporadic cause of meds

All in all…..not too shabby.
Lost 2 lbs but that was water weight.
Been bloating on & off.
Here’s to a better week. CHEERS!!!

sc 187 lbs

Sunday’s addition to the “nono” list…..


While on the hunt for scent free and GOOD products….
I found Aveeno shampoos waaaay too scented for me.
I tried one last night and “forgetaboutit”. 🙁
So much scent that my eyes & sinuses went nutso.
I had to wash my hair all over again!
AND I had to take a Zyrtec. GEEZ
Suffered ALL day.
Not even going to try the other one…my DD can have them both.

The face cleanser seems to be going ok.
The moisturizer is just too scented for me also……I think.
Going to try it again this week.
While it takes longer, it too bothers the eyes & sinuses.
This allergy/asthma crap is driving me nuts. Ding-a-ling.

Despite this….the week was a good one:
Food choices were good.
Turned down 2 take-out meal offers
Got outside for my 15 mins of “sunlight” each day
(even tho some days were cloudy)

No weightloss.
sc 189.5 lbs.


Aveeno…..take me away!


All the Aveeno products just arrived.
Today will be day one for the cleansers….body & face.
In a few days I’ll try the 2 moisturizers.
Then see what happens.
If everything is OK then I get to try the 2 shampoos next week.
One at a time. Fingers are crossed.

Although the Ultra Calming Cleanser is unscented,
the moisturizer is NOT.
I was surprised when I opened it.
I’ll see if my eyes like the fragrance.
My nose was none too happy.
It feels itchy & twitchy!

Made protein shakes for my snacks this week.
Then I divided them in half but it didn’t work.
They taste better when freshly made.
So I am using 1/2 the ingredients each time instead.

Ordered the OTC drugs recommended.
They should be here soon.
On the Internet they are almost 1/2 price.
So one of each for me & for Jen ctoo ost almost the same. 🙂


A real cookin’ weekend


Decided to do some cooking this weekend.
This way it’s a heat ‘n’ eat week.
I love them…..so easy.

Last week went very well even with the “hurry up I need you” calls:

Exercised @ day….even did upper body twice.
Ate food I planned on
Said NO to junk
Got my water in
Saw the Dr and he is pleased
Meditation is working
BP is down but gastro probs are still here….minimal though
He gave me tips for my face….they aren’t working

This week:
I will try to go to Walgreens & buy some facial items(Aveeno)
Keep to my routine
Get some laundry DONE!!!

sc Weight: 188.5 lbs


Another Soggy Saturday


Wonder if the sun will return?
Seems like a lot of rainy days here on the coast.
Keeps me busy indoors but too close to the kitchen!!

The week was good. Kept to a routine of sorts.
Not perfect but better than when I was working.
Journaled. Stuck to my food plan.
Skipped office treats & lunch invites.
Got my exercise done and had plenty of fluids.

Feeling better in the gastro area but NOT healed yet.
Doesn’t seem to be a lot of progress there.
Still wondering if it ever will be “normal”. Hmmmmmm

This week’s plan:
Food shop
Clean pantry closet for Winter supplies
wt 189 lbs.