Happy Easter & Passover


Long time no write.
Life has been a rollercoaster.
Lots of ups & downs.
But the weightloss has been slow but steady.

As of today I am 10 lbs down since that gain to 193.
Today was 183!! I am doing the happy dance over here.
Great Easter gift to myself!!

Using NS foods and also my own.
Finding a happy medium to the 6WBMO plan.
Following my C Body Type as much as possible.
Sounds mixed up with 2 plans but it’s working.
I improvise a lot!!

Exercise needs work. A little short on time.
Water is good.
Journaling online with NS.
I miss my written journal though. Need a new one.

Hope this downward trend on the scale continues even if it is at a snail’s pace!


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