Happy Saturday Chicks

The scale is inching downwards again.
Or should I say by 1/2 inches. LOL
Weight is 186.5 today.
Wondering if it will shoot back up to 190.
WTF, I can’t seem to stay away from that number.

Food has been great.
Exercise good.
Water can always improve. LOL

Thinking skinny thoughts & trying visualization again this month.
Makes me feel better. 🙂
I got away from meditating and it shows.
Tension high and anxiety increased again.
Seems like I go to the office & all my good intentions
go flying out the frassing window. 🙁
Sometimes I think I will NEVER learn. HA!
It’s like I can’t chew gum and walk at the same time scenario.
Hopefully I can learn how to do both this year.


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