I’ve heard of Baby Steps but…..

…..this is ridiculous. Weight is still 185. This week I weighed every day. It fluctuated between 185-188. WTF!?! I just wanted to see with the NS food how the week was going. It goes the same way as regular foods but downward at a snails pace. Guess I will try it till the 5th month […]

Beachy thoughts……

Thinking warm thoughts and ignoring the falling thermometer!! That’s the theme for this 3 day weekend! Sand, surf, beach blanket & little umbrella drinks! Weigh: 185. Doing the happy dance. Also doing Nutrisystem since 1/11. So far so good. Anything is better than the 193 I saw not so long ago on the scale. Made […]

Another Saturday night…..

The storm is over & it’s time to get back on schedule. Weigh-in was still 186.5. No loss this week. But then no gain either. OK by me. I thought my food choices were good & was expecting a loss. Oh well. maybe next week. Exercise was right on. Water always needs work on in […]

Happy Saturday Chicks

The scale is inching downwards again. Or should I say by 1/2 inches. LOL Weight is 186.5 today. Wondering if it will shoot back up to 190. WTF, I can’t seem to stay away from that number. Food has been great. Exercise good. Water can always improve. LOL Thinking skinny thoughts & trying visualization again […]