No gifts from the scale. Bah Humbug!

The scale still reads about 187-188. No changes there. The best that can be said is I am not gaining this Holiday Season! I should be thankful for that given the recent menu & handouts. I have received a lot of Holiday foods and only tasted a few. Not beginning another new year at near […]

NO peeking allowed!

Everything is stacked up in the corner. Told Jen there is NO peeking allowed this week. Patience….Christmas is almost here. The week was just barely OK. NO journaling. Bare essentials for exercise. Food was OK but not great. Water was sparse. Not a good start to the Holiday week to come. I better watch it […]

Santa was a busy man last week

Just like Santa, I have been busy getting all festive for the Holidays. Magically your heart feels lighter & the mind fills with visions of sugarplums. All the basic stuff is done. Did the shopping and held back a bit on goodies. Trying not to gain a ton of weight this month. I would really […]

Looks like the land of Oz here

Tinsel & lights & decorations OH MY! All I need is Toto running around! The house looks cozy and that’s all I care about. It’s all about feeling comfortable for 2013. I want to be comfortable in my own skin too. Happy with who I have become. That’s the plan. Had a good week. Lots […]