Back to routines

Although I have been keeping up with my exercise routine, I fell off the food bandwagon during the storms. It’s been slow going getting back on schedule. I was eating dinner between 3 & 4 PM just to keep up with volunteering. SO GLAD that’s all over with now. That kind of life is not […]

Thanksgiving week

There are a lot of things to be grateful for this year. Least of which is health & happiness. We do have an abundance of that in our house. Although we are not rich in material things, we have each other. A good lesson learned from all the storm damages. My week was ok and […]

The dreaded weigh-in

OMG!!! I GAINED WHAT???? 3 1/2 LBS???? God help me. We had no money, no healthy food to speak of and no gas to get to a supermarket even if we did have money. But we are alive, had heat & electric almost the whole time and we stayed safe & sound. Can’t ask for […]