A real cookin’ weekend


Decided to do some cooking this weekend.
This way it’s a heat ‘n’ eat week.
I love them…..so easy.

Last week went very well even with the “hurry up I need you” calls:

Exercised @ day….even did upper body twice.
Ate food I planned on
Said NO to junk
Got my water in
Saw the Dr and he is pleased
Meditation is working
BP is down but gastro probs are still here….minimal though
He gave me tips for my face….they aren’t working

This week:
I will try to go to Walgreens & buy some facial items(Aveeno)
Keep to my routine
Get some laundry DONE!!!

sc Weight: 188.5 lbs


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  1. I like having a big cooking day and then just have a heat ‘n eat week, too. I’m starving when I get home from work and I like having the food at the ready. You’re doing great!

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