Cartoon Saturday


I remember those gloriously lazy weekends spent with my brother.
After the cartoons were over there was always a Charlie Chan movie to watch.
Or something equally exciting…..Flash Gordon. (B&W 0f course)

I browsed the cable channels and found a few hours of Scooby Doo are scheduled.
Gotta love that big ol’ hound! And Shaggy of course.

The week was a semi-good one.
A combo of work, exercise & meditation.
I found a 21 Day Challenge on the Deepak Chopra site
Started with Day 3…..missed the first 2.
Hoping it will replay and I can start from Day 1.

Feeling calmer already. That’s a plus.
Letting go of some of my angst.
Accepting that I AM a good person.
Not an evil doer if I call for added help with the job.
Tired of others getting away with dumping their jobs on me.
Gave them plenty of warning since being ill…..January.
Their loss, my gain.

Took a few days off from exercise.
I worked in the building.
Starting again today.
Journaling was off kilter also.
Food was OK but had soda & ice tea.
Feet are swollen & weight is up.

Working a few days next week and need to stick to my regimen.
It’s like juggling….with only one arm!!!!!!
But I know ….I CAN DO THIS!

sc 190.5 lbs (+2.5)


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