All in a day’s work

So as not to waste another day indoors, I cleaned the freezer again.
It’s so empty now that I put bottles of water in there.
I also found a pkg. of ground turkey for our dinner.
Going to make turkey chili with pinto beans.
I don’t have any green peppers and will miss the added flavor.

The scale is not budging at all.
Not sure whether to be glad or sad.
At least it stopped rising.
Now to stay off of it till Sunday!

I am still tweaking the shopping lists.
Seems like each night I think of something else.
Maybe it’s all the food commercials on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No wonder we’re all overweight.
TV is either selling or cooking something mouth watering every 5 minutes!

Still no word from the Dr about tomorrow.
My questions might have to wait but that’s ok….it’s not an emergency.


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  1. I’ve heard that a full freezer is more efficient and that filling it in with something is a good thing to do. Not the same for a full fridge!!

    I’ve never put green pepper in chili, though bf has his recipe that has hot peppers, like serranos, in it, along with chili powder.

    Glad the scale is staying put if not going down!

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