Me & my Angel

Cooking today with my Angel hanging on the wall.
She’s watching out for me! No burns today please!

I didn’t want to waste another day indoors with this heat.
So I made a London broil, steamed wild rice & veggies …..
then put eggs on the boil and cut up some frozen fruit.

Slowly adding more solid food to the belly and I mean SLOWLY!
Hoping to see the Dr this Friday & ask for his advice on a few things.
This whole deal is taking forever and a day.
Maybe life is just going to be this way forever…….I want his best guess.
Certainly seems that way. Not upset but I’d like to know.

I made 2 shopping lists with this “forever” idea in mind.
One is for Trader Joe’s and the other for Pathmark.
Kept the foods simple and mostly mushy.

So far the week is good AND taking a LOT of precautions with this heat.
Definitely learning how to watch over Miss Mellie!! LOL


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