A Silent Sunday

GOOD MORNING TO ME! Woke up well rested and happy. Weather is the pits but I am ignoring it! I am feeling empowered with my new outllook on life. Delegating & saying NO! It’s all good. Weight is back down to 188.5……all water retention. Doing much better today. No more soda or store bought iced […]

Cartoon Saturday

I remember those gloriously lazy weekends spent with my brother. After the cartoons were over there was always a Charlie Chan movie to watch. Or something equally exciting…..Flash Gordon. (B&W 0f course) I browsed the cable channels and found a few hours of Scooby Doo are scheduled. Gotta love that big ol’ hound! And Shaggy […]

Follow the yelow brick road…..

How these songs get into my head I will never know. But I am glad they are back! I love waking up with a song. For a long time now music seemed to have left me. This morning it was The Wizard of Oz. OK by me. Placed an order for the organic BF jars […]

Monday Monday

Today I am thinking about crockpots. Wondering if I can make things mushy in there. I can even load up the bowl part the night before and refrigerate it. Then all I have to do is put the pot back in and turn it on. Just a thought. Might be a good idea for Jen […]

Another “beachy” kind of day

You can smell the ocean on the breezes blowing again today. I love that smell. Only thing better are clothes that have been drying on a clothesline. Trying to come up with food ideas that are soldl in TJ’s is tough. NO spices NO bulk NO raw foods NO citrus NO….a lot more NOs follow!!!! […]

Doctor Marc

Well the Dr was here. Weight is 188 again. Up & down the same 1 lb. And the jury is in….. I have a long-term Gastro problem that might be forever. So I am shopping & planning meals accordingly. Pretty soon I’ll be the oldest Gerber baby alive 🙂 BP is still up a bit […]

All in a day’s work

So as not to waste another day indoors, I cleaned the freezer again. It’s so empty now that I put bottles of water in there. I also found a pkg. of ground turkey for our dinner. Going to make turkey chili with pinto beans. I don’t have any green peppers and will miss the added […]

Me & my Angel

Cooking today with my Angel hanging on the wall. She’s watching out for me! No burns today please! I didn’t want to waste another day indoors with this heat. So I made a London broil, steamed wild rice & veggies ….. then put eggs on the boil and cut up some frozen fruit. Slowly adding […]

A Mocha Sunday

Sometimes a gal just needs to feel naughty. But after 2 TJ Mocha Coffees I might be sorry later on. LOL The day began lousy with vertigo. But it ended up with me finding my beautiful brand new Christmas quilt. Watching the Christmas movie marathon reminded me where I stowed it. Tomorrow I’ll take it […]

2 Days of Christmas in July

It’s not like I haven’t seen all the Hallmark Christmas movies but…. I actually set my alarm for 6 AM so I wouldn’t miss a minute of Day 1 of the Christmas Movie Marathon. I need all the smiles and good thoughts I can get. A bit of turkey & a mince meat pie would […]