We’re having a heat wave…..


Ive been singing Marilyn’s Heatwave song for 2 days now.
Staying hydrated is the keynote this week.

Yesterday I did get my exercise squeezed into a very busy day.
For that I am proud. Even made room for meals.
Trying hard not to neglect myself.
It seems that the minute I do….I begin to show signs of it.
Funny how I neglected myself for years and never gave it another thought.
The body still rules the roost now. Gotta listen. No choice.

All activity will have to be indoors till Saturday.
The air quality near the city is just terrible.
Had to use the inhaler before bedtime.
Gastro problems are so-so. Not 100% yet.

Going to pedal early today and get it done.
Happy Thursday.

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