A little R&R

The next time I take advice from a Dr about what constitutes dairy… h e l l will freeze over first. Yogurt is a dairy no matter how you slice or dice it. A food that is not meant for me when I have been on Cipro. 🙁 Well the damage is done and today […]


A friend of mine is in trouble….work being dumped on her. There is nothing worse than not being able to help. I have spoken to everyone I can think of but to no avail. Usually these men help out….not this time. There must be a piece to the puzzle that I don’t have. Oh well. […]

When pigs fly

A friend of mine recently said “when pigs fly”. I am beginning to think that is when I will be feeling better. Trying to keep a positive attitude is a bit rough right now. Taking the meds & doing what I know is right is getting very tiresome. I know it’s only June but I […]

Monday already?

Weekend flew by. Got 2 pills delivered by the Dr over the weekend. Thank God he was “in the area”. Need to get the script filled today though. Feeling better and I am not rushing it this time. I do not want to go thru this again. Hope my “memory” is listening to this post!!!! […]

Nothing new here

On the whole, the week was a bit disappointing. Stomach is still acting up and weight is too. I think even the Dr is stumped. Hoping this week is better. Forward march! Happy Sunday. 188.0 lbs.

Change is working

Switched back to the soft foods and it’s working. Maybe I was rushing things again? Who knows! (insert a good but quiet temper tantrum here) I got on the scale this morning and saw 188.5!!! OMG!! WTF!!! With all this bloating I was curious how much I weiged. Now I am sorry I did it. […]

This way to Paris

Sometimes on weekends myself & a friend like to pretend we are somewhere else. We travel in our minds to places we’ll never get to. Usually it’s an exotic beach somewhere but this time it’s Gay Paree! So this weekend I will be eating quiche & she has made vegetable soup. By the end of […]

We’re having a heat wave…..

Ive been singing Marilyn’s Heatwave song for 2 days now. Staying hydrated is the keynote this week. Yesterday I did get my exercise squeezed into a very busy day. For that I am proud. Even made room for meals. Trying hard not to neglect myself. It seems that the minute I do….I begin to show […]

Building Schmilding

Today is the building’s inspection. This is really getting old……but can’t do anything about it. Going to make sure I don’t get caught up in any drama today. It’s the last thing I need. At least I recognize it more now for what it is….just drama. Not long ago I thought it was an acceptable […]

A very short ride……

Yesterday I soon learned some of my Summer limitations. Went for a ride around the block but I could smell that smoggy smell. Turned the chair around and came home. Last night I felt the tightness in my chest. Guess I should have used the inhaler when first I came home? I need to get […]