You know it’s a good day when…..

… get some unexpected hugs and compliments.

But the bad thing is I weighed in at 183. Higher than last blog.
BUT the good news is I was as high as 187 again!!
So in the end it was a loss.
The 180’s are definitely my old 190’s.

I guess the weight loss is over again.
I’m not so sad. Getting used to never being thin again.
I should be after 10 years of trying to lose weight.
Time for living a healthy life and giving the diet mentality a rest.

Onward & downward….maybe. LOL

Happy Sunday 🙂

You could have knocked me over…..

……with a feather this morning.


Got on the scale and it said 181.5!
Definitely doing the happy dance over here.
Could this mean I might actually get into the 170’s again???
Be still my foolish heart!!! LOL

I got off the NS foods because of the soy.
Switched gears after talking to a Young Dr.
He said take a look at the NEW Atkins diet book.
Make adjustments to the plan for my body’s needs.
Then see what happens.

Well I think it might work but it is NOT exactly like their plan.
Lots of changes made for my hypoglycemia & slow digestion.
Softer foods, I kept some carbs and nothing raw.

In the meantime I think this might work.
Slowly but that’s OK with me.
The first 2-3 weeks there is always a good loss…well for me that is.
Then I’ll be lucky if it’s a pound every week or two.
Only time will tell.
🙂 But I am encouraged 🙂


Buon giorno!


Traveling to Rome in my thoughts this weekend.
We’re all having Italian food. The kids are having pizza and assorted pasta dishes.
I am having Chicken Parmesan with lots of veggies.
Sometimes it does a mind good to be “travel” somewhere else. LOL

I am still weighing in at 183-185. Still bouncing around after the 187.
That was just all water from salty foods.

Food has not been bad. I had to give up the NS.
It was bothering my skin and then my stomach.
Too much soy, spices and preservatives I think.
Sorry to see it go cause all you had to do was open, heat & eat!

Back to TJ’s on Thursday next week. Can’t wait!

Water & Exercise have been fine.
I am still lite on the water but feeling ok.

Happy Saturday! 🙂

Happy Easter & Passover


Long time no write.
Life has been a rollercoaster.
Lots of ups & downs.
But the weightloss has been slow but steady.

As of today I am 10 lbs down since that gain to 193.
Today was 183!! I am doing the happy dance over here.
Great Easter gift to myself!!

Using NS foods and also my own.
Finding a happy medium to the 6WBMO plan.
Following my C Body Type as much as possible.
Sounds mixed up with 2 plans but it’s working.
I improvise a lot!!

Exercise needs work. A little short on time.
Water is good.
Journaling online with NS.
I miss my written journal though. Need a new one.

Hope this downward trend on the scale continues even if it is at a snail’s pace!


I’ve heard of Baby Steps but…..

…..this is ridiculous.
Weight is still 185.
This week I weighed every day.
It fluctuated between 185-188. WTF!?!
I just wanted to see with the NS food how the week was going.
It goes the same way as regular foods but downward at a snails pace.
Guess I will try it till the 5th month is overwith. The price is right.
And of course I LOVE the ease of this plan.
I am on week 7 I think.
Jan 11th was the first day.

Journaling is easier on the NS website.
So I gave up the written journal for now.
Water, food & exercise were very good.
I did miss a snack or 2 when working & meals were a tad late.
All in all I feel pretty good.

Can’t wait for Winter to end.
The body is throwing hissy fits with the cold.. 🙁


Beachy thoughts……

Thinking warm thoughts and ignoring the falling thermometer!!
That’s the theme for this 3 day weekend!
Sand, surf, beach blanket & little umbrella drinks!

Weigh: 185. Doing the happy dance.
Also doing Nutrisystem since 1/11. So far so good.
Anything is better than the 193 I saw not so long ago on the scale.
Made me almost cry that day. 🙁

Food of course is good.
Water is 90% good.
Exercise is even better than the others above. LOL
Journaling… on the NS site to log in food & such.
Keeps me honest.

I am doing the NS program like I do the Michael Thurmond program.
Using the NS foods, I combine MT’s way of thinking.
It works out better for me. Obviously cause 8 lbs is nothing to sneeze at. LOL
I expect the losses to slow down now to maybe a 1/2 lb a week or even slower.
I always have a great start and then the inactivity catches up with me. So I wait & see.
But for now I am loving my scale. 🙂


Another Saturday night…..


The storm is over & it’s time to get back on schedule.
Weigh-in was still 186.5.
No loss this week. But then no gain either. OK by me.

I thought my food choices were good & was expecting a loss.
Oh well. maybe next week.
Exercise was right on.
Water always needs work on in the Winter.
For the most part I am feeling good.
So I guess I should be happy with being ME!!! 🙂


Happy Saturday Chicks

The scale is inching downwards again.
Or should I say by 1/2 inches. LOL
Weight is 186.5 today.
Wondering if it will shoot back up to 190.
WTF, I can’t seem to stay away from that number.

Food has been great.
Exercise good.
Water can always improve. LOL

Thinking skinny thoughts & trying visualization again this month.
Makes me feel better. 🙂
I got away from meditating and it shows.
Tension high and anxiety increased again.
Seems like I go to the office & all my good intentions
go flying out the frassing window. 🙁
Sometimes I think I will NEVER learn. HA!
It’s like I can’t chew gum and walk at the same time scenario.
Hopefully I can learn how to do both this year.


Doing the happy dance today!


The sainted scale has finally begun to move & I am back at 187!
I thought I would never get off the 190 mark.
I kept going back up to that blasted number.
Maybe I have found the answer.
We’ll see.
Gonna be a happy 3 day weekend for me now!!


Happy Back-to-190-lbs-New Year


Well we are back to 190 again. Feet swollen too.
Guess it was once AGAIN the Holiday food tasting.
I thought I was good this past week but guess not.

I might tell a male friend about my plans but ONLY if he sounds supportive.
I need someone in “real” life to know what I want to accomplish this year.
This way if I continue to look the same he will tell me. He’s not shy!

I am sorry to say the women I know are saboteurs. Sad really.

I have no “weightloss” goal per se… not an actual number.
I picked things I know I can do with certainty instead.

My goals this month are still simple:


Daily exercise

Daily Meditation

Food (plain & simple)