Getting started with phase 2

So phase 1 seemed easy enough. I have gotten my house, car, pantry, and fridge straightened up. I haveto move on to phase 2 and actually get with the program.  I am at an all time high for my weight right now. I weighed in yesterday at 295.6. Wow! Seeing that number sca res the hell out of me.  I am so close to 300 lbs! I have to stop this and get things under control.

Phase two is my actual action plan….. This is where the magic happens. This is where losing weight will happen! I have thought about it, and the most important part of this phase is PLANNING! If i fail to plan, then I better darn well plan on failing.

Here is whati am going to start doing.

— planning meals weekly. Ask myself…..are there any special events this weekend i need to plan for like wedding/birthday/etc. make a plan of attack for this as well.

–grocery shopping weekly and making sure I have all that I need to be successful.

–pre prepping daily and weekly. What can I prep as soon as I get home from the grocery store. What can I prep for tomorrow tonight? Being prepared and having things ready and easily available will be key to success.

–water!!! I need to drink 60 ounces of water a day minimum that is simply 20 oz per meal. I can do that.

-Exercise!!! This is going to have too be realistic and planned/scheduled in.  Otherwise it does not happen. My goal is to get this planning done today and start fresh tomorrow on June 1.

I am alsogoing to join some activities on the forum.

Phase 1 – COMPLETE!!

As of today, phase 1 is complete! I have cleaned my house, pantry, fridge, car, and taken stock of food we have. Tomorrow will begin phase 2.

Phase 2 will entail:

A detailed plan o keep my home clean and managable.

A plan for meal planning, grocery shopping, and food prepping.

A plan for exercising.

A plan for working my It Works! Business.

Iwill post my plan tomorrow. I will adjust my plan as needed. This phase is all about creating habits that i can live with whether I’m working or not!

More to come tomorrow!!

Phase 1 Continues

Today I have made more strides towards the completion of phase 1 which is basically cleaning out my house, pantry, fridge, freezer, and car. I have my house clean. I will need to do some basic maintenance work to keep it this way; however, I have found an amazing website that is free that will help with this.

I have my pantry cleaned out, and I have started on my refrigerator. I hope to have the fridge cleaned out completely by tomorrow and my car trash free tomorrow!! This will basically complete phase 1.

Tonight I have spent some time reading about emotional eating. I have found some excellent resources on webmd that I wanted to share.

Good reading and tips here! I will write more about this and my methods of coping and creating good new habits soon.

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Phase 1 – getting there

I’m still in phase one, and I feel like I am making so much progress. I have my kitchen cleaned, my living room cleaned, and my bathroom clean. That’s the main parts of the house. I will just focus on keeping those clean for now, and the kids and husband can help me clean up the bedrooms later. They are not that bad though.

Yesterday I weighed in at my WW meeting, and I was up 3 pounds!! 🙁 I must get started and stay on track!! Today my focus is going to be on cleaning up my pantry, fridge, and freezers. I will be throwing out old food and taking stock of what I have so that I can make a menu list out of that.

This afternoon I hope to get my car cleaned out. My goal will then be to keep things clean during this long holiday weekend. I will start phase 2 on Tuesday!!!!

CLEANING up my act!!

Today is the first official day that I am off of work for summer vacation. I’ve been contemplating this new lifestyle change that I’m making and trying to think of reasons I have failed before. One of the main reasons I fail is that I blame everyone else when things don’t go right. I fail because my husband makes me mad, I’m to busy, the kids are driving me crazy, there are too many events going on right now with tempting food options (weddings, birthdays, faculty meetings, etc.), or even where I worked when I used to work in fast food. I have had to get real with myself and admit that my choices are MINE! I’m the reason that I am struggling with weight. If I’m going to be successful, it will be because of my choices alone. I have to want this (losing weight and being for and healthy) more than I want all of the yummy food. Now that I have come to this realization I feel like I can move forward. I have decided to break things up into phases so that I can be more successful!!

Phase 1 – get on track!!

This phase will involve getting myself and my surroundings prepared. Cleaning my surroundings. It’s easier to cook healthy meals in a clean kitchen. It’s also easier to say screw it and eat out when the kitchen is dirty. When my car and my house are in order, I feel in order. I feel stronger and more accomplished. This week is devoting to cleaning my house, my car, my pantry, and my fridge. I will also be getting my oil changed and my tires balanced and rotated.

Phase 2- create healthy habits

This phase will last longer and be more about creating new habits that I want to repeat. It will involve a plan to keep the house clean, plan meals and prep food, and begin exercising. I will make out my menu for a week and go shopping. After shopping I will prep my food….wash/cut fruits and veggies. Proportion snacks and package meats to freeze. At night before bed, I will make sure that my breakfast/snacks/lunch for the following day is ready and that I have the things that I need to be successful. This phase will be important for learning how to handle being healthy in various situations like birthdays, outings, weddings, and get-to-gathers.

Phase 3- Make it LAST!!! This is a special phase. This is that phase that will be responsible for keeping me on track. Usually after about 3-4 weeks, I start falling off the wagon. This is the phase that  going to ask myself what are you happy with on this plan, what makes you unhappy, what is working, what is not working, what do you love about your new lifestyle and what do you miss about your old one?? Where are you starting to struggle? How can you overcome these struggles? Evaluate these questions and stay on track and stay strong!

Phase 4- kick it up a notch!! At this point I will evaluate my success and challenge myself to work out harder and longer. I will also make any food changes here if need be. This is the phase I will stay in until I reach my first goal of losing 100 lbs. if at any point I need to revisit the other phases I will do so!

My New Journey

If you have read my story, then you know more about me than you probably care to. The main reason I’m here is to blog about my weight loss. I am a distributor for It Works! Global. The company markets various health, fitness, and weight loss products. The products are amazing, and I have seen them positively impact so many lives. I’m starting my diet journey with these products because they also help with over all health not just weight loss.

My stats as of today: I weigh 290 pounds. I’m 5’3″. I am very morbidly obese with a BMI of 51.4. 🙁 I do not have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or any other health concerns at this time.

My goal is to try to blog everyday. I’m hoping this will help me vent frustrations but also get support from those reading. My daily food routine will be something like this.

Breakfast – 1 ThermoFIT, 8oz water with 2 scoops of Greens, and a Chocolate ProFIT shake with frozen fruit and 10 oz organic milk.

Snack – Fruit

Lunch – Lean meat, two sides of some kind – 2 Fat Fighters.

Snack – 1 ThermoFIT and one of the following (It’s Essential bar, Clif Bar, ProFIT shake, fruit and half a sandwich)

Dinner – Lean meat, two sides of some kind – 2 Fat Fighters.

I will wrap on Tuesdays. I will post weight loss either on Mondays.

I’m registered to do the Color Run in Nashville, TN on October 13. I would love to weigh around 230 by then. I will be working out in the gym 3 days a week to start with, and I will be doing some of both cardio and weights.

Stick around for my crazy wrap ride!! 🙂