230s suck

Posted matilda08 on July 19th, 2010 | Filed under Journal

Ok so yes  I am STILL in the 230s! This week Im going to take it up a notch and have an all jog workout week. Jogging always helps to speed up my weight loss. It also feels really great after. Today I have on a shirt that I couldnt fit a month ago. Its really cute. Im going to set up a training session for this week so that they can take my measuments so that I can compare them to last year. My body is looking very different. My figure is showing its face. Im loving the results of the weight training mixed with cardio. I have to keep going!!!!!

4 Responses to “230s suck”

  1. Ginger Says:

    you WILL do it!! keep up your hard work it pays off and you will feel amazing when you get to onederland I promise!!

  2. Sarah @ Low Stress Weight Loss Says:

    so cool that you are starting to see changes in your figure!

    I wrote this tongue-in-cheek post recently to a weight barrier I was really struggling with – maybe you can relate?


  3. matilda08 Says:

    thanks guys!

  4. brseay Says:

    I just left the 230’s last week after trying to get out since before Christmas. I’m saving a space for you 🙂

    Hopefully the 220’s and lower won’t be as clingy.

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