I didnt give up! Im hanging in there

Posted matilda08 on June 18th, 2010 | Filed under Journal

Its been such a long time since I wrote. Even though Ive been trying to stay on plan its so hard to keep up with my blog, 3fatchicks and all the other social social sites I am a member of. This entire journey has been one that ive truly learned more about myself. Its soooo hard to stick to my program. Im very up and down with my weight lose and its starting to get to me. I know I can do it, but Im not working for the long run. My thing is when I lose a few lbs I get comfy and slack off. Im about 16lbs away 225-220 which was the weight I got down to when I had lost 35lbs. Im have to get back down so that I can keep progressing. Ive been working out harder and Ive recently started just jogging. In the past jogging has always helped me burn burn burn. Im trying to do this jog program for two months and hopefully the ball will be back rolling again. Ive already lost about three lbs this week but Ive been working hard and eating right. But I cant stop doing what Im doing. I have to keep going.


Ive notice that when I stop checking 3fatchicks I get off plan and I need to continue to post to keep my mind on my goal weight. I have not given up and I WILL make goal. its just taking longer than I thought. Ive also notice that I shouldnt put time limits on the amounts of weight I would like to lose. My approach is a little different now. I basically just try to stay on plan daily and keep going. Im really going to try to keep this blog updated. Also if you dont mind please leave some will power dust, please and thank you!!!

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  1. skinnyk10 Says:

    Love it! Forget the weight timeline. Just stick with your plan and keep going!

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