August 13th, 2008

I totally got knocked up a couple years ago. Homerun mama!

At that time, I was drinking a lot, staying out all night, basically barely functioning.  I had my son in June 2007.  He pretty much saved my life.  Besides wreaking hell on my insides, he is my constant source of entertainment, and I his.  I worked as a court reporter for years and love that I get to stay home now with him.  His father and I have a co-parenting relationship.  We live together, but have separate bedrooms.  This is not a situation for the faint-hearted.  I have never been a do-it-by-the-books kind of gal and didn’t think I should start just because I went and got prego.

Besides being his awesome mama, I really want to be his hot mama.  I gained 46 pounds by the time I walked into the hospital to have him C-section.  I started WW April 7, 2008.  I don’t attend meetings and don’t do the online thing.  I just got the info I needed from a friend who got it from a friend who heard about it from another friend.  You get the message.  Anyways, I have reached pre-baby weight after four months of not so much blood, sweat, and tears….until now.  

I cannot get below 150.  This was the weight that I struggled with for about four years trying to get below before I ballooned out with him.  Right now I am jogging 3.5 miles four to five times a week and playing about five to six softball games every week.  I am an avid ballplayer — so is his father.  In fact, this is how we met, the subculture of city league softball players.  I digress.

So 150, yeah, I can’t get below it, except for my first night out in two years where I proceeded to get completely wasted off four beers and puke my guts out into a yellow mixing bowl that was attached to my hip for the next day and a half.  That was two weekends ago.  I weighed 147 that morning.  I really don’t think this is the route I want to go to continue my weight loss.