May 2nd, 2009

So I went off the wagon from October to the first of January.  I’ve spent the last five months working out religously, eating clean, and have hit a weight that I did not think humanly possible for me.  I was never able to get below 150 for ten years, and working out and eating right simultaneously seemed to have done the trick.  I would always do one or the other before and went on crazy weekend drinking binges for many years.  I don’t drink at all anymore and take a fish oil supplement now.  I feel great.  I have also started to get into running once again since the bad weather is starting to wane.  I just can’t stomach running on a treadmill.  I hate the sound, vibration, smell — everything about it.  Also, I have picked up rock climbing after not doing that for years.

I don’t have any new full body pics, but I will post some face pics, and maybe you can tell a difference from where I started to now.

2 Responses to “132”

  1. Delphi Says:

    Great job! You look excellent. Keep up the good work!

  2. mango Says:

    You’re looking great! Congratulations 😀

    You are truly an inspiration, keep up the fab work!

    Mango x

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