Day 1

Today I woke up feeling like a change was coming. The usual scrambled smothered in cheese and nibbling on the kids scraps turned into 3 egg whites and 3 shaved ham slices … and none of the kids food.

The whole family is getting over illness. I had a nice stomach bug for my birthday that my huband shared with me. Then my daughter had a runny nose and my son woke up 2 nights burning up. I got a cold later this week. Runny nose has dried up, fever was just from teethhing, and my cold just has me feeling tired and a nasty cough. And even with all that, I actually want to go to the gym right now, workout with a youtube video, or shut off Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and use the Your Shape Fitness xbox kinect game. I really want to go take my kiddos for a nice loooong walk. Thanks to NY weather, freezing rain won’t let me.