And I almost typed 2009…

I’m not a “new years resolutionist”. I didn’t just start this journey. This isn’t a new beginning or a starting point for me; it’s just a temporary lay-by on my journey. I have no problems making it to the gym a four times a week and I already understand the fine benefits of workouts and eating better.

But it is, after all, new years and that means we have gone through the season of temptation and delight and come out safely on the other side. And maybe that means that the old routine will fall back into place. And maybe it will have to be forced back into place with a big mental crowbar.

I maintained a weight of 178 through the worst of the stress and holiday madness and I am happy about that, and I even managed to maintain my workout schedule (mostly) and I’m happy with that too, but I have no more excuses and I need to get this train moving again.

I’ve lost 12 pounds and I have 38 to go. Next goal is 174 and the no longer obese category. Here we go. Weigh-in is Wednesday, See everyone then.