I have blogged before.  I have blogged about dieting, losing weight, getting thinner.  I generally last about a week.  I have also dieted before – ONE MILLION TIMES.  I lost 10 pounds, get lax with it, and gain back 12.  I’m here because I really want to make this work.  I have so much positive in my life.  Weight is basically the ONLY THING that brings me down.  Obviously sometimes I have a bad hair day or fight with my husband, but my weight is what makes me feel bad deep down.  So, let’s do something about it, eh?

I weighed 190 this morning.  BAM.  I weighed 175 less than two months ago, after I had lost about 15 pounds.  SEE A PATTERN?  Let’s end this now!  My goal weight is 155.  I was as low as 150 at one point, but was a little on the skinny side.  I am 6’1, and am ready to get to 155.

ACCOUNTABILITY – thats what this post is called right?  Right.  I need to be accountable to something.  So I am going to be accountable to this blog.  If anyone chooses to follow along, GREAT!  Let’s do this together.  I am going to try to keep my calories around 1200-1500 for now, and then adjust if I feel like I need to.  I am going to post progress pictures (FML).

BEFORE PICTURE!!!!!  ([email protected]*K!!!!)

I took one and I can’t figure out how to post it… it says the file is too big.  I took the picture with my Droid phone and can’t figure out how to save it as smaller.  Any ideas anyone??  I know you want to see my sexy chubby body in a bikini!!!

Food and exercise log:

9am: core exercises and a 40 minute walk/run with my dog (like, 95% walking, 5% running)

11am: egg whites (60), low-fat cheese (45), spinach (5), two slices of wheat bread (100), two slices of watermelon (50)    Total: 260

2:30pm: few bites of fruit (30)

3pm: kickboxing for an hour, 30 minutes brisk walk on treadmill

5pm: greek yogurt (140), few blueberries (20)    Total: 140

5:30pm: two sushi rolls (california with cream cheese) I am guessing around 600 cals with soy sauce

I AM DONE FOR THE NIGHT (I’m talking out loud to myself now).  My trainer thinks it CRUCIAL to stop eating by 6 to lose weight… and he’s totally right because thats how I got to 175 and thats how I’m going to get to 155!

Total calories for the day: 1,030.  I’ll take it – now all I have to do is survive until bed time without eating anything else.  Oh, and then I have to keep doing that for the next 3 months or so.  FML.

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