A new scale is a new lease on life

m3ks on Aug 3rd 2012 06:38 am

I did it.  I reached onderland.


Earlier this week, my bathroom scale broke.  I tried to fix it, tried to replace the batteries, but it simply would not give me a reading.  It was jumping around all over the place, and would rest somewhere 30+ lbs above my actual weight.  Hmph.

So, this week, I had no scale and no way to tell if I was making progress.  I am quite particular about weighing myself.  I insist on it so that I can see any smidgen of progress or regression.  These last few days of not being able to weigh have been annoying.  I’ve eaten out all week (always making sure to get something within my points), I’ve been working a lot, and I just figured I had gained weight, and would start again tomorrow.  Not so!  199.8, right there in front of me.  Clear as a bell.

I’m going to celebrate with a 3 point coffee.

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The path to onderland

m3ks on Jul 28th 2012 06:17 am

As I approach onderland, I’m starting to get quite excited.  It’s really going to happen.  I’m going to be back under 200 lbs.

I don’t know, but it feels like this first leg of the race it has been easy to lose, but it has also been hard to adjust to such a drastically different lifestyle.  I’ve done it though.  I’ve done the work and I’ve now made a habit of eating healthy.  Even on my vacation I hardly deviated from the path of weight loss.

Now as I round the corner to that magical 1 replacing that awful 2 in front of my weight on the scale, I’m getting excited for the next leg of the race.  When I lose another 20 lbs, which is just about what I’ve lost so far, I will be approaching the 170’s, a number that I am VERY comfortable with!

At this point, I feel better already.  I’m thinner, lighter, I’m more physically fit.  I’ve almost dropped a pant size.  All great things that make me not want to stop.  Heck, the only craving I get is to eat a big cookie every once in a while.  Not too bad, eh?

I’m almost at the weight I was last August, when I first subscribed to 3FC in hopes of dropping the weight.  However, some unfortunate circumstances prevented that.  Also, the things I was trying to do just weren’t working.  I tried to eat the same thing every day.  After three weeks, I couldn’t take it anymore.  I was hungry, grumpy, and just no fun to be around.

I also had the mindset that I could splurge ‘just this once’ because we were ‘at a restaurant’.  Funny thing is, we went to restaurants almost every night of the week back then.  The whole thing was doomed.  Now as I round the corner in to August, I’m almost at that weight.  I can see what progress I would have made, just a year later.

I can’t wait to see another 15-20lbs gone.  I can’t imagine how amazing I will feel.

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m3ks on Jul 27th 2012 08:27 pm

Desperately tired of the little drinking parties he has every weekend.  I’d like to sleep, because, well, I now work for a living.

Firstly, I don’t drink.  It’s not in the calories.  It’s just empty calories really, that make you feel nice (sometimes).  Until everyone starts acting like an idiot and playing loud music.

Since when is sleep such a bad thing?

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More stress

m3ks on Jul 27th 2012 06:09 am

More construction on the building today means no water.  I need to shower before work.

Hopefully the weekend is kinder to me than these last two days have been.

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I want a cookie

m3ks on Jul 26th 2012 06:29 pm

I really do want a cookie.  For some reason, I’ve wanted to eat a cookie for about three days now.  Too much hassle though.

Today was a reasonably terrible and lonely day.  I’m not partial to being lonely, so it just added fuel to the fire.   Today was exhausting, and a true representation of ‘when it rains, it pours’.  Everything that could go wrong, did.  I still had a productive day, and I haven’t gone on some rampage of binge eating and sobbing, but I feel like it would be an okay idea.

I won’t do that, of course, but the thought is nice.

Maybe I’ll go to bed, so I can wake up tomorrow and start again. That usually helps.  Maybe there’s something on TV to distract me.  Tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully it isn’t filled with craziness and loneliness.

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A great day for a run, and a staggering statistic

m3ks on Jul 25th 2012 11:34 am

Wow.  I just calculated my BMI at my heaviest weight.  I was class II obese by about .83

I nearly fell off my chair.  I have always been at the top of my ‘normal weight’ or ‘overweight’ as long as I can remember… even when I was skinny!  I’m a little on the bigger side, and that’s just fine by me.  I don’t need to be a size 0.  However, class II obese?  Eek.  Can’t believe I let that happen.  I knew I was probably classified as obese, but I just didn’t think I had gone that far…

I’m happy to say that at this point I’m a class I, and moving quickly towards just being overweight.  Awesome.

In other news, it is a GREAT day here for a run!  Going to keep moving with the couch to 5k that has helped so many others in the past.  I’m motivated to run through some sore legs, and go go go!

It’s going to be awesome.  I fully expect that.  Haha.

I’m also going to run in a new location.  Hurray.  I love doing that.

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My morning coffee

m3ks on Jul 25th 2012 07:09 am

Most people drink a morning coffee.  I used to drink three morning coffees.

Since caffeine is something that I’m not too friendly with anymore, I have cut back.  One in the morning, a few times a week.  Otherwise, I drink tea.

The morning coffee clocks in at around 3-4 points, depending on how I make it for the day.

Glass 1/2 filled with ice

1/2 c skim milk – 2 Points

Double shot of espresso – 0 points

1 TBSP of syrup – 1 point

Mmm.  Nothing like an iced latte in the morning to get you going!

I usually substitute tea in throughout the week.  My current favorite is Gunpowder green or Yerba Mate.  Yerba Mate is a great tea for appetite suppression.  It also has loads of caffeine and other fantastic things to get your morning started with lots of energy.

Today would be the second day of C25K.  I’m going to have to push through my soreness and just do it (carefully of course to avoid injury).  No pain, no gain!

Additionally, I lost another .2 since Monday.  Not too bad.  I’m now down a total of 17lbs since my heavyweight  at the doc’s office.  Fantastic!  That’s the most weight I’ve ever lost, while actually trying to lose weight.

I usually get to 5-10lbs or so, and then it just drops off.  This is a major accomplishment.

Add to that fact that I already passed a mini goal, and I’d say I’m off to a roaring start.  This is week 5 of Weight Watchers, and I’ve been religiously following my daily points.  I should see some additional losses in the future, particularly with getting back in to exercise after vacation.

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On to the good stuff

m3ks on Jul 24th 2012 02:09 pm

Sorry for the dry first post, but I figured it was information that needed to be posted.  It’s important to know where I’m coming from, where I am at, and where I want to go if anyone reading this blog is going to offer criticism, encouragement, or help.

As of now, I’m quite tired.  My job requires me to be up at 4AM some mornings, so days like these get a little long.  Right now, I’m having a debate about whether or not I should be going to Zumba and Yoga, Zumba or Yoga, or neither.

The backstory is not just work, it’s the new exercise that I did yesterday.  You see, I was doing the Weight Watchers abbreviated (6 week) Couch to 5k program.  I was running this on my elliptical, to reduce impact.

The reason I did that was because I had an ankle injury in early 2011.  I also weigh a lot.  I figured impact and I aren’t friends, so I wanted to start slow.

My main goal is to run a 5k.  I’ve picked out some ‘fun runs’ to start with.  Starting slow is something I was never good at.  I tend to jump in too quickly, and find that I can’t swim.  This way, I stuck my toes in.

A few days ago I received a packet of information for a whole bunch of local runs.  This reminded me that the 5k season around here will be beginning at the tail end of October.  Now, it’s almost August, so I decided to post at 3FC to get some answers from current runners to see what I should do.

A bunch of awesome and friendly people came in to offer some advice.  Some believed that I needed to get off the elliptical immediately while others cautioned it.  I figured I got the mixed opinion because…well… none of these folks actually know me personally.  To them, I’m a forum post with some minor information, and a lot of weight to lose.

I decided that after the advice, I needed to go outside and run to test the waters.

I was neither surprised, nor disappointed.

It was hard, very hard, but in a totally different way.  Running up and down hills on pavement is a serious workout.  I pushed through, proving to myself that I had worked hard to even get to this point.  After the experience, I decided that it was probably a good idea to stick to the trails, not sidewalks or hills.  Also, I decided that this 5k thing is going to be a lot harder than I had anticipated.  Lastly, I love my new running shoes, and I found them for $17.  What a steal!

And so my training for the 5k began.

That brings me back to my current conundrum.  What exercise (if any) should I do today?  Technically, it should probably be a rest day.  I’m extremely sore.  I can go at it again tomorrow.  However, Yoga couldn’t hurt, could it?

Oh… and I “splurged” today while still fitting in to my points.  What was the splurge?  Triangle loaded potato bites (small sized) from Arby’s.  Hehe.  Guilty pleasures!

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Off to a running start

m3ks on Jul 24th 2012 01:34 pm


I’m currently in the fifth week of Weight Watchers and support via 3FC.
I’m a 20-something.
I’ve lost just about 17lbs.
I like to analyze things, so I have an entire spreadsheet set up for the next four months, to track weight and exercise.  I have it graphed in several different ways to further understand how my body loses weight.
I workout, with Zumba and the C25k being my favorites.  I mix in some yoga and toning, but cardio is the focus for now.

My focus:

I want to be healthy.
I want to feel better.
I want to run a 5k.
I want to fit in my clothes again.

My stats:

Heaviest Known Weight: 222LBs in the beginning of June (Doctor’s office approved).
Height: 5′ 6″
Pant Size: 14-16
Starting Weight for Weight Watchers: 218.6LBs on June 23rd.
Current Weight: 205.2LBs

My goals:

1. 5% (207.7) (Done: 7/12)
2. Under 200 (199.8)
3. 10% (196.7)
4. BMI 29.9 & 15% (185.8)
5. Half way there! (180)
6. 20% (174.9)
7. 25% (164)
8. GOAL! (160)
9. Normal BMI (154.8)
10. Ultimate Goal (~150)

I will be posting this on my About page.  I realize that everyone loses differently, however, I feel that it is better when you can draw some comparisons to someone else who has similar statistics to you.

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