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New Bracket!

Woot! Made it into the 2-teens! Weighed in this morning at 219! BAM! Pretty happy to be out of the 220’s and into the teens. Just 20 lbs away from Onederland! Last week and a half has been a little rough with my tailbone but I’m pushing through it and doing what I can. Decided today I would try running again and get back to the C25K program. At the end my tailbone area was sore, not excruiating, but could definatly had some discomfort. Discomfort I can deal with, so I may try easing back into running again, but (and I promise) if I find it aggravates it too much I will stop and go back to just walking. (fingers crossed that won’t happen) Also another bummer, picked up some new lotions with shea and vitamin E to help keep my skin healthy (hopefully prevent some loose skin as well) used them each once and had reactions to them. Booooo! Will have to find another lotion now, If anyone knows of a good lotion with either shea butter or vitamin E please let me know! Just going to keep treking through! Only 4 lbs away now from my next mini goal, but that may be 2-3 weeks away as TOM is on its way and my weight tends to stall out durring and a few days after. Hope everyone’s having a good week, happy hump day 🙂