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still around and kickin’

First off want to thank unskinnygirl and dysfunctionalbarbie for their kind words on my previous post, it still amazes me how words from other people can really turn your day around. I’m still around and kicking, not running right now or doing any lower body/core strengthening either, but did manage to get some arm strengthening in, as well as pulled out the wii board (or in my case pushed it out with my foot lol) so I could use it for some simple “Wii free step”, it’s not much but it’s something, so I’ll take it 😉 Hanging in there, each day gets a little easier, not sure if that its healing, the meds are working, or I’ve learned how to move around without aggravating it now lol! Hope everyone had a good week and has a good weekend! 🙂 See you all on the other side!

– L