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goodbye my dear old Nike’s!

My nike’s that I’ve had for years and have been my go to shoes for any traveling and sports (more back in the day when it comes to sportslol!) have finally seen their last day. Kind of sad to get rid of them, but definitley need a new pair. Figured it would only be fitting to dedicate a post for them! haha

And on another note…Another pound gone! Woot!! Which actually surprised me this week with everything that was going on around here this past weekend wiith parties and what not. Managed to not binge eat on all the yummy food. Also fell on on the ice and hurt my back. (which I think everyone does at some point during winter) was lucky enough to only be sore for a few days, it did manage to disrupt my workouts though. Still struggling with drinking all the water I’m suppose to be consuming, but each day gets easier.

I’m hoping by next week I can lose 2 lbs, I might try and push for 3 just so I can get into the 220’s!! *fingers crossed* Wish me luck!!

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Ready to go!…almost

Back on track again, that flu knocked me off my feet for what seemed like forever. Still fighting off the trail end of it, so may wait a few days before implementing the exercise part of my plan, don’t want to shock my body and hamper my recovery. Now that the holidays are over and done with all the sweets and treats are out of the house as well. Stocked up the house with fresh fruit, veggies, and whole wheats. And ever since the holidays ended and this flu hit I haven’t had any cravings for sweets and chips, I’m hoping my body has kind of kicked its cravings for those stuff while I was sick. *fingers crossed!*