how time flies

And to this when I started this healthy life style I was hoping to be finished by this point, or atleast close to the finish line. But I guess I have to keep going and not let up. I think I would like to set the goal of being below 200 (into the onederland’s) By christmas at the latest. And I’m hoping that saying it out loud to those of you who stumble across this blog will help me keep accountable. Thinking about pulling out the JM 30 day shred video again to help get a little jump start. Hope everyone had a good weekend, till weigh in day – stay strong!

-L xoxo

overcome the turkey-coma!

Woot down 2 lbs this week! Which I’m super happy with considering it was Thanksgiving this past week-end so needless to say there have been plenty of left overs of stuffing, pumpkin pie, apple crisp (yumm yumm!) Cardio is going good, I use my treadmill time to catch up on shows, which also keeps my mind distracted so it doesn’t realize it’s working out. Next week I’ll add the strength training back in 3x’s a week. I felt it was better to ease in so it wasn’t a complete shock to my system. Here’s to successful week and hope everyone’s has a good weekend!
-L xo

soo good! nom nom nom!

I am a huge pasta lover and well we all know pasta isn’t exactly our best friends! ūüôĀ However I stumbeled across a recipe for zucchini/yellow squash noodles. Now its definitley not pasta but let me tell you it’d DAMN good! I cut up zucchini and yellow squash into noodle strips (and when I say cut I mean i was lazy and used a julliene slicer thing) then boiled them in water for 1 min, and finished them in a sautee pain with a little bit of olive oil and garlic. Poured a little pesto vinaigrette I made and sprinkled just a little feta cheese…Fantastic! I just felt like I had to share this!


-L xox

Just a quickie today!

Like the title says just a quickie today, as I’m working early and have just enough time to squeeze in a walk and this short note. I know I do better with setting small goals, since the final goal always seems sooo far away. So this months goal is to get back into the 210’s by the end of the month. Wish me luck, especially with Thanksgiving this week-end and I’m a sucker for pumpkin pie (almost drooling just thinking about it haha!)

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

-L xoxo

Attempt 2 – GO!

Bah! What a month it has been! Had a weeee accident last month (actually only a few days after my previous post) and ended up hurting my foot ( a nice ligament sprain, muscle strain, and small fracture! yay!) – so as a result there has been no running, or workouts that puts more weight or added pressure on to my foot. So sadly been a little bit of a weight gain since then back up to 222. (bah! and well some of that was from the summer and vacation..whoops!)

However I was finally able to get back into walking again on the treadmill. Even attempted running since it has been a month since my accident, and NOPE – still getting pain in my foot when I push it soooo I’ll stick to walking… for now.,,, I never thought I’d get to a point where I’d miss running. Ouuu finally fixed my lap top so that will making blogging so much easier, rather then having to lug myself allllll the way downstairs to the main desk top and wait for it to start up because its sooooo ANCIENT!

All in all here’s to second attempts at New beginnings! fingers crossed I can avoid any more injuries!

-L xoxo

I mean it this time!

Ok seriously back this time. Now that summer vacations are over and the weather’s already starting to cool down, it’s a little easier to convince myself to sit down at a computer and blog and track especially since my lap top has died. Which leaves me coming to you all from the main desktop computer in the basement, and sadly this computer doesn’t seem to like this website, it always ends up adding weird spacing to my nicely organized typing. Oh well can’t have it all. Soooo for most of August I was on vacation, with people up visiting and taking time off for some cottage time, needless to say there were a few (ok maybe more then a few) blunders and extra calories. Especially from all the drinks (Beer, coolers, wine, apple cider) So I did deserve the 7lbs I gained back, and not doing much running during the whole month didn’t help either. But I knew coming into this there would be “bumps in the road” although I may call this one a full “scenic detour”….

Had my first run this week after some time off, was expecting it to kick my ass, but to my surprise wasn’t that bad at all. I was expecting to have to start all over with the 30 sec run intervals but I was able to run at 3-2 mins run and walk. Also back drinking water like nobody’s business (and we all know that has been a challenge for me in the past!). So being back on program for 2 days, with running, tracking food and water, I’ve already dropped 3 lbs! So only 4 more till I’m back where I was when I went on vacation.

That’s all for now, don’t want to make this post crazy long! Hope everyone had a good & more successful summer!




Hello world! Yes I’m still around and kicking! Just been super busy the last month. And on top of that¬†I seemed to have hit a plateau…(boo!) Bah! Just means time to change it¬†up and work a little harder!¬†Hope everyones doing well! Will try and catch up with everyone’s blog tomorrow!

-L  xo

im still alive, rough week though sorry for being m.i.a. – had¬†stomach flu for a few days then got hit with heat exhaustion after (spending to much time outside in this heat¬†was just a little too¬†much for my body to handle i guess)¬†¬†Sorry to the red team for letting you down, I’ll follow the competition and cheer you guys on.


sun, fun, and fruity drinks

Busy, busy. busy weekend – out enjoying the weather with friends, a few bbq’s, drinks on the patio (it’s probably best not to know how many calories are in those fruity drinks! lol). Checking in at 210 this week -2lbs (well last week, I know i’m a few days late posting) and really 1lb from the 210’s? Well I’ll for sure hit it this week! And on that note I’m off to sneak in a run and workout before work. Here’s to a successful week!


New Shoes!

What an expensive day, took my car to the shop and we all know how expensive that can end up costing, most of the repairs weren’t surprises (filter, alignment) but brakes I didn’t think they were that worn down yet
Also stopped at a running store here and got properly fitted for a new pair of running shoes (Asics GT-2170) and WOW!!! I haven’t even run in them yet and I can already feel a major difference! My calf muscles were still sore from yesterdays run and even just wearing the shoes to break them in – the pains gone! I really can’t wait to run in them tomorrow! Hoping they’ll feel awesome tomorrow. The associate said I should know within 3 runs if they are going to work for me. And if not I have 30days to can come back and try out another pair.

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