September – Happy Fall

Well, I’m back, trying again to get motivated.  It’s been a summer of changes…bought a house on Cape Cod, trying to sell our house here in NY, youngest DD finishing college and moving to Rochester, a 40th HS reunion.  Whew!  Have managed to keep the 9 or so pounds off – but have been sort of stuck here for a while.  Maybe posting here will keep me away from the kitchen. Bye for now…lynard

Monday Cold Monday

On the positive side, i didn’t gain this week…but i didn’t lose either.  Woke up to snow flurries (Argh!!) after a weekend of 60 degree weather.  Oh well, that’s March for you.  Two weeks away from our big trip to Spain and then Venice and our first cruise.  We made reservations for our tours today…in Turkey, Crete and other Greek Isles.  I’m starting to get excited now.  This was also my last week as the leader of our local TOPs chapter. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly).  I’m happy to be just a member again for now.  Hopefully I will still be motivated to keep up with the weekly weigh-ins.  Happy April everyone!

Sunday Sweet Sunday

So..still cold up here, but at least no snow and the crocus are peaking up in the front.  We were invited to a very springy brunch today at at friend’s house.  She and her son make black walnut syrup from their trees every year and we had pancakes and syrup amoung other goodies.  it takes 60 gallons of black walnut sap to make 1 qt of syrup (as opposed to maple which is 40:1). My friend decorated the dining room with spring decor candles, flowers and we all enjoyed the food and company.  The mayor and his wife were amoung the guests.  So that was my major meal for the day…still hoping to show a loss tomorrowat my weekly weigh-in.

Hooray for Spring

Finally….the first day of spring tomorrow.  My leg is totally healed and I’m back to walking and strength training at the fitness center.  My weight is holding steady – so that’s ok.  Maya (the puppy) is great…I take her for runs in the woods every day, and she comes home muddy and happy.  Not much else to write about…just thaought I’d let you all know I’m still alive and kicking.

Down a few

Made it to TOPs – even managed to drive the car with my leg imobilizer on.  Was down 3.2 pounds!  Maybe breaking a knee cap is good for the wieght loss.  I think in reality, I’ve been so busy with the play, I have not been home much to snack.

Break a Leg

Well, we were heavy into rehersals for “The Producers” and I was trying to get from one side of the stage to the other (backstage) to change costumes and I tripped and landed on my knees.  I thoought I was ok, but when I got home my rt knee swelled up like a tennis ball and by moring I could not walk on it.  Turns out i broke the kneecap!  Luckily, no surgery is needed at this point..I am in a leg imobilizer..a velcro strapped contraption that prevent me from bending my knee.  I can still do my character parts..(Hold Me, Touch Me” and the police sargent) but am out of the dances.  All in all we just finished our 4 performances in Batavia and are on to Buffalo on Wednesday.  The performances went well and we got stanidng ovations for all.

I seem to have lost a few pounds too.  I will weigh in officially tonite at TOPs.  I’ve had to suspend my fitness center membership.  Also no more cross co9untry skiing with the dog for a while.

It’s warmed up here finally…will be above freeziung all week.  Woopie!! I’ve been catching up on blogs here.  Nice to be back.

We have a new family member

We are the new “parents” of an American Eskimo puppy.  We were at one of our rehersals last Monday, and one of our fellow cast members was saying that she just given up her dog to the shelter becuase she wasdn’t home enough to take care of her.  Well, we asked about her (“Maya”) and she is a house trained, crate trained 6 month old dog…all white with a curly tail and big pointed ears.  Well, I immediately said that I’m just not ready for a dog right now, but my DH suggested we just go look the next day.  Well, it was love at first sight.  Our cats are not too happy, but I hope will eventually adjust.

I’m doing ok with y quest for pound loss…At least have maintained over the holidays.  Went cross country skiing today – with the new puppy and she loved it.  She doesn’t quite know “come” yet..but when she discoved we had dog treats in our pockets it wasn’t a problem.  More later…

Windy windy Sunday

Weather is certainly weird here.  Christmas Eve we had a warm front come through with 50 mile and hour winds.  Then a peaceful Christmas, and now back to those wild winds.  The snow is practically gone too.

Well, the holiday turned out to be peaceful at home too.  My DH and DD had a long talk and we had a wonderful dinner with friends on Christmas Eve.  I made a fine turkey dinner. MY DD even came and sang with me at the late service.  Then on Christmas we basically lazed around, watched movies, and ate leftover turkey dinner.  While in church on Christmas Eve I felt such peace – what ever happens is in God’s hands not mine.

Unfortunately, as the day after Christmas arrived, I could see that my DD was not doing very well,  She couldn’t sleep and was writing non-stop on her computer.  She began talking insessently, and took off for a friend’s house in Rochester at midnight.  Next thing we heard was she had been admitted to the hospital.  As I may have mentioned she suffers from bi-polar illness.  I knew she had been forgetting to take her medication – and had a sinking feeling that this might happen.  She’ll be fine once she is stablized again, but it is very frustrating for us as she has not accepted her illness.  There is not much I can do about it, other than love her and encourage her to take care of herself…especially staying on her meds.  She is such a bright, talented young lady and this stupid illness is the pits.  Lately I just pray and hope that God will bring her to a self awareness that will mean her acceptance and management of the illness.

Well, just had to vent here.  Have not felt much like eating right, but am still managing some exercise.

More Snow, more drama

Link to Xmas Cat: Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  On the plus side, I have lost 4 pounds in two weeks thanks to my new exercise commitment at the local fitness center.  It’s very very Christmassy outside with over 16 incles of snow so far.  All of my front decorations (skiis and sled) are buried in the blow-off from our little snow thrower.  Tomorrow we will have a couple of friends over for Chrismas Eve dinner and then I am singing at the late service (and have a small solo…I’ve got to remember to go easy on the Chrismas cheer).

One the minus side, peace at home came to a grinding halt when my youngest DD began a discussion about her future after college graduation (hopefully in May).  She was under the false impression that we would fund a year of acting school.  We had discussed this with her several years ago when she was supposed to graduate in 2006, but she dropped out of school twice and we told her she was on her own.  So she has gotten loans for the rest of her BA degree. Now I am the softie in the family and I suggestted that I might be able to help her get a start after graduation, (financially) and my DH strongly disagreed and the arguments began.  She takes this all very personally and says we don’t have faith in her etc and she and my DH really get worked up.  Of course, this all happended about an hour before we were expecting guests for dinner and I was crying and telling them they were runining our plans, and I would have to call and cancel. Somehow, we managed to still have the dinner with my DH and DD glaring across the table.  The next day I called a family meeting to clear up any misconceptions.  The upshot of that was still a lot of hurt expressed by both of them, and my DD has been away at friend’s places since.  She called and plans to make an appearence tommorow for dinner, and will stay for Christmas day, but My DH continues to stew and I am just trying to keep going with holiday plans.  Ahhhh families…Both of us want the same for her…to be able support herself, and pursue her passion (acting), but we are concerned that some of her expectations are not realistic.  It’s so very hard for me especially to let her go and risk failure.  I know, I know, I’ve got to do it.

Enough of all that.  My other DD (the one who was married in June) will be coming home on Jan 8th for a long weekend.  We were originally going to meet in NYC, but when we considered the cost we changed our minds.

So hope everyone has a happy holiday.  Will check in later in the week.

Snowy friday

We had about a foot of snow today.  Just about everything is shut down and my DH is out clearing the driveway.  I’m sitting here at about 5:30 with the Christmas lights on enjoying a scotch and soda.  Lovely.  My youngest DH (home from college) is stuck in Rochester for the night at a friend’s apartment, and my DH and I will enjoy an evening of movies and trying to stay warm.  I continue to do well with exercise this week..went everyday-  even today in the snow storm.  Looks like I may be down a pound or so by weigh-in on Monday.  I have been battling a cold all week too….coughing and then sniffling.  Went to a cookie exchange last night and am trying VERY HARD to forget where I stashed the cookies until Xmas Eve.