Weight:   Same old, Same old—right at 220



So—busy day with soccer, volunteering and eating out with my parents!   I tried to eat lightly and I do feel pretty empty now, and not overfilled…  Had breakfast out—scrambled eggs-biscuit-sausage and a smidge of gravy.  But, since I did that, instead of having lunch out I just had a healthy trail mix bar that was 145 calories or so.  I felt pretty good! 

I saw someone that I don’t like today.  I don’t like her, but she acts all “sweety-pie” to me like I am her best friend.  It is AWKWARD for me to say the least.  And  I am short and sweet with her, but not overly so, I am more short than sweet, and I would never be outwardly rude to her.  Why do I not like her?   Well, she is one of those people who are only out for themselves and people they want to get ahead—if you are not on that list, beware, she will nicely slit your throat as she massages your shoulders and tells you it is all going to be okay.  I have heard about it, and witnessed it somewhat–and her tentacles of ickiness have touched my kids through her kids, but I have no evidence she has ever tried to come after me, personally. Uck.  So, I dread seeing her, and I avoid her at all costs.  But, I saw her today and she was sugary and I just smiled and said hello.  Is it okay to write people off for being evil to other people, even when my family has managed to keep the nastiness away from us?  I don’t know.  I will have to think on that. 

The kids played great soccer today. My son has been a little marginalized on his team up unitl this weekend–shorted playing time and not given a chance to get in the game as much as all of his past seasons of soccer.  I finally came to the point (after 4 weekends of short spurts of him playing and long spurts of the coaches kids playing in particular) of timing his playing time in the game.  He played 13 min in the first 30 min half and 14 in the second.  27 min. out of 60 game minutes.  Now, we have 3 subs, but I really was burned about it.  My husband coaches my daughter’s team and he is over-the-top fair with time in the game.  If anything, he gives his better players a little less time than his growing players.  I wanted to talk to the coach, but my husband said to wait, that our kid would show himself and earn his place.  I have every belief in my kid’s ability, but I was wary.  Sure enough, he came on today, and played much more than usual and did amazingly well.  They won both games.  I am glad I didn’t speak up.  Lesson for the day: Listen to your husband!