from fat to fab !!

Things are looking up

HELLO! I am sorry I have not posted anything in a while. I have had a few very hard months! My husband changed jobs and he has been away with work, he is my right arm so it has been hard adjusting but I think we are doing really good! I run my own business and it had been very very slow for a few months and it stressed me out trying to stay a float. oh and my youngest son broke his arm very bad and he needed surgery oh my little guy!! The LORD has taken care of us he has been here for me when I wanted to GIVE UP, now things are looking up for my family and it feels great!

SOOOO I tend not to post if I don’t have positive things to post about I don’t want to be a Debbie downer ūüôā

I received my gold book (lifetime) from weight watchers and that meant SO much to me I worked hard for years to get to that point, I did struggle a bit after I got to my goal weight. I am sure I will have many more bumps in the road but that is life and I need to learn not to turn to food in hard times since it doesn’t help anything. If I eat good I feel good!!

I started going back to bootcamp and I love it for so many reasons! I love the instructor she is just WONDERFUL in so many ways! It keeps me accountable and pushes me to keep moving forward! I do have to mention I had a great friend Cynthia suprise me by paying for my bootcamp class she is very amazing! I have made so many great friends on this journey!! I am blessed!

take care of yourselves and make wise choices ūüôā I love this quote it is perfect

All of life is a journey; which paths we take, what we look back on, and what we look forward to is up to us. We determine our destination, what kind of road we will take to get there, and how happy we are when we get there. From A Little Book of Happiness


JULY 23rd 2011 I reached my lifetime goal for weight watchers !!!! After a few years of hard work I¬†have¬†done it, I am healthy!! I have jogged a 5K, 10K and half marathon baby!! YES I AM very proud of myself, it has been a long process and an¬†emotional¬†one as well. Lots to try and figure out along the way, I asked myself so many questions along the way……why am I doing this? Is it worth it? Can I really do this? will my husband still love me?<—-real stupid question LOL What caused me to gain all this weight? I can go on and on with all the¬†negative¬†questions I would ask myself. I have a HUGE support system and I am sure everyone is aware that my husband who has also lost over 100 POUNDS as well has been the best¬†support¬†a girl could ever ask for!! My boys ūüôā OMG my boys always helped me stay on track and they are very proud of me, I wanted my boys to be proud of¬†their¬†mother. My mother (who is also at lifetime) she is the best mom!! She listened to me cry when I¬†didn’t¬†lose weight or had bad weeks and just always encouraged me to keep going! I can NOT imagine my life without all the friends I¬†have¬†made at¬†weight¬†watchers and the gym, I never knew my life could be this good! I can not only tie my shoes but then I go jogging in them thanks to my BFF Cindie, she has inspired me and helped me in so many ways!! ok enough already I just wanted to let everyone who follows my blog know I made it baby and I intend to tone and lose more. If I can do it so CAN you ūüôā

I KNOW who I am :}

Ok so if you look back threw my blog’s you will see that I have struggled a lot trying to figure out who I am. The best way I can¬†explain¬†it is……my fat was my bubble to protect me from anything, if someone hurt me I would eat, if I was happy I would eat, and so on and so on. Being a “fat girl” made me¬†invisible¬†to some people and as sad as that sounds it is very true that some people ignore over weight people especially women. SO with this being said I had times when I felt¬†uncomfortable¬†in my skin, with lots of help and support from my husband, mother, and friends I have overcome that feelings and I really wanted to touch on that since it was something that¬†almost¬†made me want to give up!!!! Dont ever give up on yourself and if you are my friend dont you ever let me give up…you come hunt me down because I never want to live like that again. Let me please¬†apologize¬†if it offends anyone that I called myself a “fat girl” but I was over weight¬†almost¬†my whole life and I WAS always the “fat girl” so please dont take me the wrong way :}

Tomorrow is a very big day I am doing a half marathon with my two BFF’s and I am so excited and nervous !! My BFF Cindie made this her new years resolution so we¬†shall¬†get this DONE!! My new years resolution was to slow down a little bit and enjoy life hmmmm I am still working on that and I will get back to you on that! I looked at myself this morning and I am proud of myself and I am so proud of my husband who has also lost 100 pounds and he is just amazing and inspires me every day!

I¬†have¬†a lot going on in my life right now, my husband is away with work and I want him home so bad BUT what kind of wife would I be to tell him to come home LOL I will support him and pray that he finds a job close to home!! He is my other half and I am lost without him that is for sure!! He is a wonderful husband and father…..I LOVE THAT MAN !!!!

A week and a half to the half marathon

wooohoo OK I typed this big long story about what is going on and it got¬†erased when I added the picture ….soooo here I go again LOL here is a pic of me and my jogging buddies!

My foot is feeling better and I will do this half marathon with my BFF’s I have had my doubts but I am soooo over that!! To make a long story short since my first story got¬†deleted¬†LOL ¬†I had a tough day last Monday and did a little emotional eating due to some BIG changes going on in my life.¬†Tuesday¬†morning I woke up and decided I was not going to allow this bad behavior and got right back on track and lost two pounds last week bringing me to 110 pounds lost!!! So folks we might have one bad meal or day but if we jump right back on track we will be ok :} never give up on yourself!!!

stupid foot

So today I wanted to blog since I have a ton going on in my head. As if I didnt have that on a normal basis :} last week I hurt my foot and I have been unable to jog or do high impact work outs. This is effected me a lot, last night I had a little break down at dinner. Lee my husband is so good at knowing if I have a lot going on or if something has me down, he always has the perfect things to say to me! We went for a bike ride last night and it was so nice outside and it just felt good to be out peddling around. I want to jog 8 or 9 miles this week and it is just not going to happen so I worry how long I will be hurt and if I will be able to get my training done so I can do my half marathon.

I am sure everyone who has ever fallen off track understands my worries, I dont want to get off track and I am just scared! So please say a tiny prayer for me that I will be back to normal soon :}

On another note I got my new bodybugg all set up and I am going to start entering all my food in the bodybugg site…looks like fun and I hope it will prevent me from snacking to much or eating bad on the weekend!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend when it gets here LOL

The emotional stuff

Good morning world ūüôā I just wanted to talk a little about all the emotional stuff that goes along with losing a lot of weight. We think once we lose weight life is going to be perfect, that once we get to our goal weight all of our problems will be solved. What I¬†didn’t¬†realize is other problems would come to light once I lost my weight. I¬†have¬†said that losing weight is about 80% a mental thing since I used to eat to cover up any problems I was having, I think I also ¬†felt safe as a fat girl…for some reason we get ignored. Maybe I felt safe in my big fat bubble ūüôā I guess I also wonder if my husband is still¬†attracted¬†to me since he loved all my curves and boy oh boy did I have many. He tells me he loves me and he is still very much¬†attracted¬†to me but I still worry. I cant believe I put all this out for the world to read hahah

So as I am trying to work threw all this I have been researching it and it is very common to feel this way so now I dont feel nuts LOL I guess it is just another obstacle that I have to RUN threw.

On to more positive stuff I am still training for the half marathon, I am feeling more and more confident that I CAN do this!!! You know what comes after a half marathon dont you?? I know someone will probably talk me into doing the full marathon in the future. If you think you cant do it dont think just do it!!!

Me and my husband have gone on the wonderful wonderful journey together, I¬†couldn’t¬†have done it without my amazing husband! We provide a healthy life for our boys,¬†better¬†eating and more activity so they can lead a healthy life! I see old pictures of our family and we all used to be overweight, I was buying the bad food and going threw fast food, I am so glad that I am not making my kids overweight with my bad choices anymore.

I hope everyone is having an amazing week so far and I hope you have a great weekend!!!!

hello world

Hello :} I hope everyone is having a great day!! I am looking forward to a jog with two of my friends tonight!!! I dont know if I mentioned this but I am training for a half marathon, we jogged 7 miles so far WOW now that is far :}  I started taking this new class also it is called PiYo wow if you ever have a chance to try it I highly suggest it !! STILL trying to get to my goal weight !!! I started being more strict with measuring my food and making sure to journal EVERYTHING :} I hope to get there soon, I will be sure to let you know when I get there!! Bye for now

to hungry today LOL

my morning started out good with some oatmeal with a few raisins and a banana, off to do a 3 mile jog and came home to clean the house. I took the boys to eat lunch for a treat, we went to applebee’s and I got a meal that was on their 500 cal or less menu. On to dinner OMG it was so good I ate to much, I totally hate when I do that!!! Not only did I eat to much at dinner I made popcorn later and I was not hungry. So on to a better day tomorrow I stopped my eating madness by finally sitting down with a cup of orange spice hot tea YUMMY!!!

ohh well we all have our days and I am not going to beat myself up over it at least it was all healthy food right??? So tomorrow is my first day i have my alarm set for an early work out, I am challenging myself to do it for a month, brrr when it is cold I hate getting out of bed. I should warm up fast with Jillian M killing me 30 day shred babey!!

have a great week my peeps

This journey is mine !

What a day!! I¬†have¬†just been thinking a lot this weekend about my journey. Some days I wonder why it is taking me so long, and I get discouraged that some days I self sabotage my weight loss. I hate when I have so much that I want to say that I cant type it out LOL I want to speak to a lot of my friends that might be reading this and¬†struggling¬†with being overweight, ¬†I¬†have¬†been in your shoes and I can NOT express how much I would love to help anyone who has any questions or anyone who might just need some support. PLEASE dont waste another day, DONT wait until tue or Wed or next Monday… do it NOW!!!! I wish I didnt waste so many years being so heavy, I cant tell you how good it feels being able to put on my shoes and not be out of breath, or get in my truck without needing to stop for a minute to catch my breath. I am not perfect I¬†struggle¬†ALOT!!!! weight loss is 90% a mental game!!! I have a great support system, my family, my husband, and my many many friends who help me when I want to give up. I spent a year of my journey just¬†maintaining¬†my weight loss in 2009, I was still going to weight watchers but I¬†wasn’t¬†working out nor was i following the plan 100% ¬†so here I am now about 6 pounds away from my goal weight and I am¬†struggling¬†BIG TIME!!! i dont know what is going on with me, if I am scared or what ?? I feel like this weekend I¬†have¬†really sat down and tried to get my mind back in order and get back on track!!

A little about my morning… I met a VERY good friend to jog a 5K she is amazing her name is Theressa and she is my left foot!!! When she is with me we put our head phones in and we just GO GO GO this¬†is¬†my time to think about a lot of things! This mornings jog was amazing, it was COLD 32 degrees to be exact but the sun was shining and people were out I smelled people cooking¬†their¬†breakfasts and I know this sounds crazy but I smelled the smell of dryer sheets it smelled so good LOL I was just at peace it was me my bestest friend and work out partner and the lord!! OK I will wrap this up before I drive all of you nuts with my babbling and i KNOW I am driving all of my teacher friends nuts with all my run on sentences and poor writing skills :}



I am very happy to say I have seven more pounds to lose till I hit my weight goal!!! After I hit that I am going to work more on toning and training for this half marathon. I was very happy this weekend when I went down 4.6 I had been¬†struggling¬†for a couple weeks and not losing weight. I was doing everything right but my body¬†wasn’t¬†losing, that is frustrating but I am glad one week it finally decided to let it go :}

If you are reading this and struggling please dont give up on yourself keep up the hard work it will pay off!! I am very lucky to have an amazing supportive husband who always tell me not to quit, he reminds me of how far we both have come on this journey!!

I have lost all  my weight while following weight watchers and for the last year of my journey I have been working out at least 5 days a week. I dont make excuses anymore for not getting out there and making my body stronger and more healthy, it really does feel good to hit the gym and know I have done something good for my body that day.

So here is to a great week filled with no excuses and healthy eating :}