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Day 53

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Ok, now that I am caught up with my past few stories, here I am to talk about the most recent experiences. So I had started to become a little discouraged because since I have been dong this challenge everyone has been asking me questions about how I feel, what changes are in my body, […]

The night I arrived in LA on our drive to the hotel we passed Bikram’s Headquarters. The reviews seem right, it does look a little broken down, I guess Bikram is serious when he means he makes us go in uncomfortable situations to learn to be more comfortable in any situation!! Of course all my […]

After 30 day challenge

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The days after my 30 day challenge were amazing, I felt ever since I let that emotion release out of my body, my¬† practice felt much lighter. Amazing how a certain feeling, emotion of anger, regret, or sorrow, can really put a strain on your body. No wonder people get so many headaches and back […]

So I hit my 30th Day Feb 3rd, which was an amazing thought because originally my plan was only the 30 day challenge and not the 90 day challenge, but these 30 days went by so fast I didn’t even realize it! Good to know that the 30 day really isn’t that bad! In reference […]

Day 28

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It is weird but I found my week 3 to be pretty emotional. I found myself crying almost in every class last week. I guess I was bringing up some emotions I had previously pushed deep down inside me and it was time to let it out. The funny thing is half the time I […]

First Double Up

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So I didn’t make it to class on Sunday, nor did I make it yesterday. So yesterday when I didn’t go I told myself I must do a double class today to make up for yesterday since I already planned a double up for the weekend since I didn’t go last Sunday. But YEAH – […]

90 Day Challenge Begins

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Hello All, I am back and ready than ever to go on a journey I never thought I would start so soon, but I am glad I decided to. Bikram always says ‘come for 90 days in a row and I will give you a new mind, new body, and new soul.” I’ve always wondered […]

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